The ones you love to hate

Every disciple of the steel has a pet peeve about the asshats that populate the shrine of the Lord of Iron, our God. If you have ever lifted hard and heavy, then you will recognise these stereotypes immediately:

Not, I admit, the best of videos on the subject- Brother Dom's output on the same subject tends to be much, much funnier- but not a bad listing of the kinds of asshats that you find populating the gym.

To be as fair as possible, just about every serious lifter started out as one of those clowns in the beginning. That, in and of itself, is fine. We all started out somewhere, we all made mistakes. We learned from them, adapted, and overcame. That is how things should be in the gym.

For those gym newbies who are just starting out and honestly do want to improve and gain strength and mass and power, I have nothing but sympathy and respect.

However, that respect is contingent upon your attempts to improve your form, your lifts, and your general approach to fitness. Continue making the same stupid mistakes with regard to form and etiquette, or continue to disobey the Commandments of the Lord of Iron, and do not be surprised if the rest of us simply respond with scorn and derision.


  1. I wandered from the Videos into "crossfit fails"...

    Man, I just...couldn't watch it.


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