Saving souls, Pt. 1: Immunisation

Perhaps the most severe consequence of "taking the red pill", or "waking up", or whatever you prefer to call it, is that you usually undergo a deep personal crisis in which just about every core belief that you have ever held comes into question.

I've written about this before; as with everything else in life, choices have consequences, and the consequences can be deeply unpleasant at first.

You will lose friends. You will alienate family members. You will antagonise your colleagues and coworkers. You will find that your patience for the stupid shit that everyone around you says and does goes straight out the window. You will realise that women are, fundamentally, seekers of resources and security, and this will colour your views of them from that day forward.

You will start to see the massive con job that has been perpetuated for decades at your own expense. You will realise that everything that you were taught about how society is supposed to work is simply wrong.

You will realise that school didn't teach you very much of value. You will find that your university-stamped diploma is almost surely worth less than the paper it was printed on. Most of you will begin to comprehend that the long, slow, grinding climb up the corporate ladder will destroy your soul, and that you are nothing much more than a number and a warm body sitting in a seat to the bean-counters upstairs.

Your interactions with women, in particular, will change significantly. You will never again be able to look at them the same way. Western women in the major cities, specifically, will begin to repel and disgust you with their coarseness, profanity, lack of feminine qualities, and obsessions with tattoos and piercings and reality TV nonsense.

You will find yourself walking through the streets of any given major city in the US or Western Europe and wondering what the hell happened to reduce these once strong and mighty cultures to the abominations that they have now become.

And whether you like it or not, you will not be able to look away or go back to the state of blissful ignorance that you once maintained.

Sooner or later- the exact point varies from man to man- you will understand that there really is no going back.

That pain and stress is a necessary experience that will change your world for the better.

As our friend Adam Piggott, the Gentleman Adventurer, recently pointed out:

I have purchased a number of Rollo’s first book to give as gifts when I feel that the gift will be understood and will make a difference. I have also directed many friends to buy the book themselves. It’s the sort of book where you need to read it once and then walk around for a few weeks as your brain digests all of the mental curve balls that have been thrown its way, and then you read it again. And again.

Some of the testimonies on the article are really eye opening stuff. There are many examples of guys stating outright that Rollo’s red pill perspective has literally saved their lives. Rollo is a great example of how you actually do change the world. You don’t set out to do so, but you show others a new perspective on things that inspires them to make changes in their own lives.

Rollo hasn’t changed anyone’s life. Those people did it all themselves, but it was the groundwork laid by his writings that propelled them to act. Of course, the red pill community is not all about Rollo. There is an enormous Red pill sub on reddit that has been going for some years now. And all of the blogs under the manosphere/red pill heading on my blog roll are required reading.

It is indeed true that Rollo, and Roosh, and Roissy, and Vox Day, and Mike Cernovich, have not by themselves changed any man's life. As my martial arts teacher once said, "we can't fix you". You can only fix yourself. All that they have given you are the tools that you can use to fix what ails you- but you, and you alone, have to choose to take responsibility for yourself and own up to your mistakes.

It is the process of fixing yourself that makes worthwhile all of the pain and misery and isolation caused by the red pill.

The world gradually starts to make sense again when you take in the very painful lessons that men like Rollo and Vox and so many others have to impart. And that is because the massive incongruities between what you have been told to be true, and what is actually true, start to disappear. The cognitive dissonance that you have experienced throughout most of your life up until that point will fade away.

The world will begin to come back into sharp focus and you will start to see people and things around you as they really are, not as they want you to see them.

All of these benefits and consequences underscore the great importance of what it is that men like us are doing.

The fact is that the Manosphere, or the Alt-Right or Alt-West or, again, whatever the hell you want to call it, is saving souls. And in the process, it is saving lives.

Men are waking the hell up all over the Western world. Here in the good ol' US of A, men are coming to understand that society is demanding that they take tremendous risks with their lives, wealth, personal safety, and mental health for a system that will grind them up and destroy them. Men are coming to realise that the system that they have been told to support all of their lives, is simply not worth the trouble.

Many of them are simply checking out of that system- and the system is beginning to notice.

Some of us, though, are starting to fight back. And, again, the system is taking notice of us.

Both actions on the part of men are valid- though in my opinion, it makes far more sense to fight back than to simply check out. After all, there are plenty of ways to fail and fall to defeat when fighting a war- but the only absolutely guaranteed way is to surrender without a single shot being fired.

The question that men must now ask themselves is: shall we live on our knees in servitude to a society that demands that we give our all and receive nothing but scorn and hatred in return, or die on our feet attempting to reclaim the ancient wisdom of our fathers?

I made my choice a long time back. I choose to fight the good fight- whatever the cost.

And that is because "taking the red pill" saved me years ago from making possibly catastrophic mistakes with my health, my finances, and my personal life.

It is because of older and wiser men who provided me with the tools to improve myself that I discovered powerlifting and martial arts. It is because of them that I came to understand the true nature of women, however dimly. It is because of what they taught me that I came to see the shallowness, fecklessness, and stupidity of the modern world, and decided to turn away from it and refuse to support its insanity to the greatest extent possible.

The Manosphere is saving lives, and saving men's souls. We are helping men to understand themselves and to build for themselves a better and brighter future. We are giving men the foundations upon which they can build strong, happy, healthy families with the extremely rare women who genuinely are interested in being wives and mothers. We are teaching boys how to be men, and men how to be the best versions of themselves that they can be.

We are, in other words, building an army and readying for war. Whether we admit this fact or understand it is irrelevant; it is the natural end result of becoming masculine and strong.

The feminised, globalised, utterly corrupt society that we are in will hate us for it. They will try to destroy us with everything at their disposal. They will try to force us to recant our wicked ways and confess to our sins of badthink and wrongfun before excommunicating us.

Well, so be it. Nobody ever said that this was going to be easy or quick.

The road ahead is long and difficult, but our duty is clear: save as many men as will listen to the truth, and read last rites to the damned.


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