Literally Hitler, literally

Just when you think that your everyday neighbourhood Antifag cannot get any more ridiculously stupid, along comes an entire horde of the asshats to take on the monumental challenge of charging straight up to that bar, and smashing right into it headfirst:

How stupid is anti-fa exactly? Very stupid, actually. So stupid that they will applaud a speech taken directly from Hitler’s Mein Kampf and other famous Hitler speeches, so long as you replace a few words to change the German theme of the quotes to American, insert a few words like “non binary” to make them think you’re one of them, and change “Jews” or “bankers” to Donald Trump. The thing is, most of the Hitler quotes used in the speech are quite famous ones, that pretty much anyone who has spent enough time on the Internet or read a few history books should be aware off (Scroll down for full video of the speech). I mean, how stupid do you have to be to cheer someone on for saying “Its not the truth that matters, but victory”?

“Shad Daley”, a Trump supporter and certified Shitposter, managed to infiltrate an anti-fa protest and gave a speech that they all loved and applauded. In fact, the organizers of the “Impeach Trump” protest,, were so impressed by Shad’s speech that they were desperate to recruit him to their cause and get him involved for future protests. The only problem is, unknown to them, Shad was delivering quotes directly from the Fuhrer himself.

This "Shad Daley" guy is a certified Grade-A shitlord. I hereby confer upon him the Didact-certified Strategic Defence of the Mantle Trollhammer for Extraordinary Trolling. The dude has balls the size of church bells.

The Antifags are going to have a fun time trying to live this one down. They just got trolled so hard that I'm amazed the rally attendees didn't immediately turn to stone in the bright sunshine.

You see, boys, this is why we're going to win this war. Our enemies may be numerous and vicious and extremely nasty little varmints, but they are also exceptionally stupid. Then again, that isn't particularly surprising; if they were smart enough to understand that there ain't no such thing as a free lunch, they wouldn't be leftists.

It sure as hell doesn't help their cause that they evidently throw punches like little girls frantically pinwheeling on the playground.

Don't get me wrong, when- not if, but when- things go really far south and we get characters like that rioting and smashing shit in every major rabbit-warren across the country, it will be very hairy indeed. As that old George Carlin quote goes: "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups".

In preparation for such days, be sure to take advantage of Dire Badger's most excellent and very handy fashion guide, which was written specifically for folks like us. Be sure to get yourself a personal weapon of some kind. Stay safe out there, take care of yourselves and your families, and don't go actively picking fights with these clowns- we still don't have anything resembling the moral high ground in the eyes of the mass media, and we almost surely never will.

Nonetheless, if the results of our fellow happy warrior's efforts are any indication, taking on the antifags is going to be an absolute hoot.


  1. AntiFa in europe is - hearsay only but I have reason to trust it - much better organized and better at the whole "good ol ultraviolence" thing.

    That said, for here in the states?


    1. I don't doubt that the European Antifags are highly organised. They are backed by considerable financial resources, such as the Soros-funded Open Society project.

      But they're still idiots.

      Dangerous idiots, to be sure. Stupid people in large numbers can be extremely dangerous indeed. But idiots nonetheless.

  2. That's even funnier than the twinks "working out" post from yesterday.

    1. Yeah. Sometimes this stuff just writes itself )


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