Grass-fed shitlordery

Yep. That's how it's done.

Again, I'll be the first to defend "cool" vegans who aren't complete dicks about their fussy eating habits. I have the great good fortune to be good friends with one.

Actually, I think my vegan friend might be a bit of a closet shitlord.

Here is my reason for thinking this. My test partner for my green belt, who is back in town for the summer, was in on Saturday training with me, and it was really great to see my buddy and work with him; it was like roughhousing with a long-absent kid brother (if that brother were white, about four inches taller, and at least 8Kg heavier than me...).

After the class he got changed and walked out wearing a tank top that had this design on it, but without the stupid caption:

Yeah, my buddy is kind of a badass himself. Pretty decent for a kid who's still a teenager and still has spots.

I cracked up when I saw that and told my bro about the fact that you can get that exact same design, only with the God-Emperor Trump's face on it instead of President Washington's. I'm actually thinking of getting exactly such a shirt, all the better to trigger shitlibs every damn day.

Our teacher and friend, the vegan, was standing right next to us when we said this. And what he said next was awesome.

Dude, I need that design on a quilt! That way, if I bring a girl back to my place and she starts giving me shit, like, "Ew, wait, you're a vegan?!?", then I'm just going to pull out the quilt and piss her the hell off!!!

That, my brothers, is the Trump Effect. Even grass-eating vegans are becoming more masculine thanks to the fortifying effects of the God-Emperor's reign!!!


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