Friday T&A: Красивая украинка девушка Edition

A couple of years back there emerged a story of a (hot as balls) 32-year-old lady who got her (very impressive) ass dumped by her Ukrainian politician husband for posting too many sexy selfies online.

This raises a couple of questions for the discerning and inquisitive man.

First- just how long did it take her husband to figure out that his wife was attention-whoring on the internet to get the validation that she plainly couldn't get from him?

Second- what is it with Slavic women?? Seriously, what in God's Name do they put in the water over there that turns their women into possibly the finest physical specimens on Earth?

Third, and on a related note- really, WHAT IS IT WITH SLAVIC WOMEN?!? They can be jaw-droppingly beautiful and incredibly sweet and nurturing, but as I can attest from personal experience, they often also tend to be completely and totally bat-crap CRAZY. And you'll only ever see the truly crazy side the first time that you pick a fight with such a lady.

And fourth... it's late on Friday night, we've only just gotten started on the drinking, and who the hell actually cares about this lady's background story? Just show us the goods!

Well, gentlemen, I am happy to oblige.

Enjoy your Friday night, boys.

(Also, can I just say, parenthetically- one of the benefits of learning Russian, as I'm doing very, very slowly right now, is that you really do get an insight into just why it is that Russians are both very deep, and very drunk, at the same time.)

Photos of Ukrainian whose political husband divorced her


  1. Eduardo the Magnificent22 July 2017 at 20:41

    Goodness gracious. If there's a man in this modern environment who could hold that down for good, I'd like to meet him and give him a firm handshake.


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