It appears that the SJWs over at CNN have decided that lying wasn't enough; now they are doubling down:

CNN and Andrew Kaczynski, head of the network’s Republican oppo research unit “KFILE,” gave a misleading defense after receiving an intense backlash to a Sunday night post boasting that he had tracked down and identified a man who claimed credit for a gif shared by President Donald Trump — and that CNN may reveal his identity if the man chooses to “repeat this ugly behavior.”

Reddit user “u/HanAssholeSolo” posted an apology to CNN and journalists at the raucous pro-Trump subreddit “r/The_Donald” earlier in the evening, saying he did not create the specific WWE-themed video that Trump tweeted. Kaczynski, in a story titled “How CNN found the Reddit user behind the Trump wrestling GIF,” revealed that this individual posted the apology after the CNN reporter had discovered his identity and sent him an email asking to talk.

Dozens of celebrities, commentators, politicians, and journalists criticized the network, all across the political spectrum — from Donald Trump Jr. to YouTuber Philip DeFranco to WikiLeaks to anti-Gamergate stalwart Brianna Wu. The hashtag #CNNBlackmail became the number one trending topic on Twitter, with many critics calling the sentence about CNN “reserving the right” to release the man’s name as a “threat” to “dox” him.

Someone- it is not entirely clear as to who- once said words to the effect that one should never attempt to interfere when one's enemy is in the process of making a grievous error.

In CNN's case, it is very clear that this "grievous error" has blown up spectacularly in their faces.

The meme that the God-Emperor re-tweeted, which went viral very quickly, was posted by an enterprising Reddit user going by the catchy name of "HanAssholeSolo". He did a very clever hack job and the resulting meme was absolutely hilarious.

CNN, of course, was deeply unhappy with the results. Their news anchors immediately went ballistic and insisted that Donaldus Triumphus was "inciting violence" against the media, or some such bilge- by posting a meme that he didn't even create.

But then CNN went and targeted the guy who created the meme in the first place, in a desperate attempt to contain the already massive splatter damage that they'd taken. And that is where they made a gigantic mistake.

They went after what is, by all accounts so far, a fifteen-year-old kid. They basically threatened to doxx the boy and expose his personal details for the whole world to see.

In other words, they doubled down and overreacted massively.

Well, if that's how they want to play the game, so be it. We can hit back even harder than they can. If they want a war, then by God, we'll give them a war.

CNN is now in the process of finding out just who they've attempted to muzzle. They don't appear to have learned the first damn thing from #Gamergate.

The memelords over at 8chan are certainly not about to take this one lying down, and neither are the rest of us.

So, brothers, you know what to do.

If you have social media accounts, go over to CNN's sponsors and their media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Gab, and so on, and ask them why exactly they support an organisation that is happy to blackmail a 15-year-old kid for the "crime" of posting a really damn funny video.

If you're a bit more of a dinosaur (like me) and refuse to use social media, then start emailing the PR departments of those sponsors.

Who are their sponsors, you ask? Well, here's a start:

By way of full disclosure: I own shares in Johnson & Johnson- quite a bit of my portfolio is invested in them, actually. So now you know that I am advocating for a direct attack on a company whose stock price immediately affects me personally. That should give you some idea of just how deadly serious I am about this.

If you want to carry on the meme war- because, let's face it, this shit is hilarious- then check out a few of the ones that Mark Dice found, and spread the joy around:

Here are a few more, just for shits and giggles:

The Godzilla meme in particular was HYSTERICAL.

Let's see how CNN likes it when their Twitter feed gets dumped with a few hundred of these images and videos.

The whole of the fake news media establishment was put on notice over the last 48 hours. If they insist on ignoring the warnings about their arrogance and stupidity, then they should not be in the least bit surprised when we start hitting them back- ten times harder.


  1. Sargon notes there's evidence it may not be a child but a middle aged adult.

    Not that that makes it better. A 40-something may be less innocent, but likely with a family so he is even MORE vulnerable to having his life wrecked, with his family as collateral damage.


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