By the word of the God-Emperor

President Donald Trump is not perfect, not by any measure. But by God, he sure as hell understands what is at stake in the war for Western civilisation:

Wow. Just... wow.

I thought his inauguration speech was amazing. This one completely blew it away.

Listening to part of it last night and the rest today, I constantly found myself thinking, "This is the speech that we have been waiting for some thirty years for an American President to give".

Not since the halcyon days of Ronald Reagan himself have we heard such a full-throated defence of core Western civilisational values. And even President Reagan's famous speech at the Berlin Wall, in which he demanded, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!!!", was written by someone else.

Don't get me wrong, President Reagan proved many times over that he could write a barnstorming speech all on his own. But his successor, President Trump, might just have surpassed even the high standards set by the Gipper in terms of powerful and inspiring rhetoric.

Here, though, I'm given to understand that the speech that Donaldus Triumphus gave in Warsaw was his own creation.

And if that is true- which as far as I know, it is- then President Trump has made it perfectly clear exactly where he stands in the war for Western civilisation.

That speech was a call to arms to every red-blooded patriot in every nation of the West, to take up the fight for the greatest civilisation the world has ever seen. It cannot be more clear to me that President Trump believes that God Himself is commanding the nations of the West to rise up and shake themselves out of the self-destructive, self-defeating nihilism that has crippled them.

It may be too little. It may well be too late. Sweden, Germany, France, and Britain are probably doomed, both demographically and politically- which is deeply saddening given that all four of these nations were once the founders of mighty empires that, on balance, advanced human knowledge and prosperity at rates never before seen.

Even Poland and Hungary, two of the most sensible and right-wing nations in Europe, face severe demographic issues. Poland's fertility rate is about 1.34 children per woman. Hungary's is 1.44 children per woman.

Both are well below the "demographic event horizon" of 1.6 children per woman.

America isn't doing that well either. The birth rates of the bit of America that actually matter- specifically, white America- are collapsing. At 1.8 births per white woman, as of 2010- a number that is certainly well out of date at this point- the people responsible for building and maintaining American civilisation are well below even maintenance levels, and are rapidly heading toward Japanese and Singaporean territory.

Yet there is still hope, and the God-Emperor outlined exactly what shape that hope takes.

As he stated in his epic speech, strong, healthy, prosperous nations do not happen by accident. They happen because their people are free to live their lives under the laws of Almighty God. A people that is rich in spirit, that cherishes their traditions and ideals, and that seeks to build a better future for its descendants, will seek to propagate itself pretty much on its own.

That is the hope that the God-Emperor offers to all of us. He has issued a clarion call to each and every one of us- we few, we happy, we culture warriors- to stand up for what we believe, to defend that which we love, and to put our faith in Almighty God.

The God-Emperor has clearly defined and delineated his duty to the American people: to defend his nation, and its culture, and the alliance of Western nations, against all who would seek to destroy it.

He has also defined our duty to our culture in the process: to fight for what is rightly ours, to bring forth strong sons and feminine daughters, to teach them a firmly rooted love of God and country, and to pass on to them the inheritance that our forefathers secured for us with their blood and sacrifice.

We must not fail to heed this call.


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