When a winner meets losers

The God-Emperor's triumphant excursion through the xenos-infested borders of the Imperium yielded a great many talking points for the lying traitors of the legacy mediasaurus, to be sure.

The whole of the establishment practically imploded when Donaldus Triumphus very nearly tore off French President Maricon's limp-wristed arm with his own Lightning Claw hand, and when he pretty much shoved the Prime Minister of Montenegro, or whatever tiny little non-entity it was, out of the way during a photo op.

Of course, given that the legacy (((media))) appears to be made up almost entirely of lower Delta and Gamma males, and no small number of liberaltard feminist women and lesbians, their hyperventilating is somewhat to be expected.

They are not used to seeing what an Alpha male actually looks like on the world stage. Eight years- eight long and terrible years!!!- of low-T Delta President Jugears Odumbass and his pathetic "death stares" have made it difficult for liberals to understand what it is like when they see a genuine Alpha doing his thing.

It wasn't always like this, by the way. It used to be the case that liberals were able to present the country with true unabashed socio-sexual Alpha males who aspired to leadership positions. John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Baines Johnson, and William Jefferson Clinton all come to mind.

One can argue at considerable length about exactly what the hell happened to the Democrats that they are now utterly unable to field anything resembling an Alpha male- I almost entirely agree with the conclusion, backed by !!!SCIENCE!!!, that liberalism is the beta-male philosophy of the weak and r-selected among us. But the fact is that very, very few genuine Alphas can be found among the liberals of the world.

Fortunately, we now have the great and powerful example of the God-Emperor, against the very stark contrast of the Imperium's supposed "allies" and "friends", to show us how an Alpha takes the stage and takes command:

The breakdown of the body language here is really quite good and I cannot add anything to it beyond observing the fact that it clearly shows which of America's allies can be relied upon, and which ones cannot.

It is quite obvious that President Maricon of France* and that small coterie of neckbeards, ugly women, and clowns surrounding him will prove to be utterly useless in helping President Trump to push through some sorely needed changes in Western diplomatic and military strategy.

It is equally obvious to me that the Eastern European nations, which have already been through the Hell Times imposed by Communism and have been permanently scarred by the experience, are very receptive to his message.

It is clear that Prime Minister Theresa May, for all that she might well be a strong and politically astute woman, is simply not the kind of leader who can rally Britain against the multitude of threats that face it. Given the much-ballyhooed "special relationship" between the United Kingdom and its errant child, this does not bode well for the future.

And of course, expecting anything other than effete hand gestures and winning smiles from Prime Minister Justine Trudeau is way too much. She clearly isn't capable of being anything other than "one of the girls".

America may not be able to save itself even with President Trump at the helm. Honestly, I give the God-Emperor maybe one chance in ten to pull off his "Make America Great Again" strategy of WINNING!!! until we're too tired to win any more- and then keep on WINNING.

But, win or lose, it is clear that it will take a true Alpha male at the helm, appointing other Alpha males to top posts within his Administration, to give America even the most slender of hope of recovery and renaissance.

*Yes, I am perfectly well aware of the spelling of his actual last name. It's just that Heartiste's labeling of him as President "Faggot", using coarse Spanish slang, is really damned funny. Not to mention, highly appropriate.


  1. Obvious who the Winner is.



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