What she said

A young, and very fetching, Polish lady tells it like it is:

This is exactly the sort of thing that I wish I could hear coming from the mouths of young American and English women. But, rest assured, this is exactly what such women will be saying- just give it a few more years of unlimited immigration, forced integration with hordes of dindus who was gwan college, and the continued assault of the elites on bedrock concepts like national sovereignty and ethic identity.

As always, in any war between biology and ideology, biology WILL win. It is simply a matter of time, and no small amount of suffering on the part of those willfully stupid and blind enough to ignore the evidence in front of their eyes.

The Polish, the Hungarians, and much of Eastern Europe have already been through their Time of Testing. They have by and large rediscovered their sense of self, their national pride, their love of God, and their shared history. The lessons that they have learned, very much the hard way, will soon be passed on to the Swedes and Germans and French and English.

And, make no mistake, those same hard lessons will come to American shores. It is already happening.

America is not immune to the laws of biology and history, no matter how unique a place it might seem. The importance of family, community, and faith to the lives of its people cannot and must not be underestimated.

And any attempts by the globalist elites to undermine those bonds must be resisted- with every instrument and effort available to us.

That young lady puts her Western sisters, and most of her Western brothers, to shame. And soon, her passion for her country will be reflected in the hearts and faces of those same brethren. It is simply a matter of time.


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