The return of the Stepford Wives

Have you ever read any of Ira Levin's books?

I remember reading The Boys from Brazil sometime back when I was, oh, maybe 16 or 17, something like that. I was much struck by just how well the author managed to blend together elements of horror, suspense, mystery, and action into a tight, well-written almost-alternate history novel.

Inspired by what I had read, I found a copy of The Stepford Wives somewhere in my grandparents' attic and started reading through it maybe a year or two later.

But this was a totally different novel in both style and substance. It was written from the point of view of a talented photographer wife who arrives in a small Connecticut town with her husband and kids to begin a new life. Once there, young Joanna Eberhart finds herself surrounded by impossibly beautiful, very submissive, and honestly quite mindless women who seem slavishly devoted to their husbands.

The novel itself was a satire of sorts, poking fun at the resistance that a lot of men were putting up back in the 1970s to the whole "women's lib" movement by making it seem like the men who valued traditional housewives were basically a bunch of unhinged crazies who wanted their wives to act like zombiefied robots.

That is not to say that it was a bad book. On the contrary, my teenage self found it rather thought-provoking at the time.

However, age and experience have since shown me that the world that Mr. Levin spent so much time lampooning, was and remains the best possible outcome for both men and women.

And it would appear that a small but growing number of formerly STRAWNG INDEPENDENT WIMMENZ are beginning to see the light too:

This is, make no mistake, good news for us. As it has been written, the revolution starts at home. We are not going to win the war for our culture unless we focus on the very thing that feminism, globalism, and postmodernist culture are trying to hard to destroy: the family unit.

You see, the fatal flaw behind the novel, and the feminist ideology that underpins it, is this ridiculous notion that women who are housewives, and who therefore spend their days cooking and cleaning and chasing after children, are somehow stupid for doing so.

In the upside-down world of feminism, a woman is supposedly only happy when her mind and wits are fully engaged, when she is achieving the same rewards as a man for the same work, and when she is making her mark outside of the house and away from her husband and children.

Contrariwise, any woman who spends her time tending hearth and home must somehow be shutting off large parts of her thinking brain in order to perform such drudgery.

Yet the empirical evidence that I see with my own two eyes tells me that none of this is true.

The most intelligent, and happy, women that I have ever seen, are the women who chucked their careers, or at least sacrificed significant opportunities for advancement and success, in order to stay at home and take care of their kids.

There is my dear friend from my Master's program, who got sick of the corporate life in Japan and came back to the US with her then-boyfriend, got married a couple of years later, and has never gone back to work since. She's now the very happy mother of twin boys, living as a housewife while her husband goes out and works.

There is my former colleague and friend who lives down south in Texas, who was a very successful VP in my company- until she conceived her first child with her husband, took a year off, and came back on a more limited schedule. Then she and her husband decided to move back to his hometown, and along the way they conceived their second child. She has not worked since. I have never seen her happier or more satisfied with life.

Then there is a female relative of mine, who was a superstar student back in the old country. She moved to the US to do her graduate degree and could have easily chosen any university that she wanted to become a tenured professor. But she was married and wanted a family- she was in her early thirties at that point- so she chose to work at a state university instead, about a twenty-minute drive away from her house, so that she could raise her two children. (She is still there; if she wasn't such an insufferable liberal, and didn't lack the sense of tact that God gave a honey-badger, I might actually bother to see her once in a while.)

And of course there is the wife who forms one half of the couple that is my family's closest set of friends from my father's time in his graduate programme. She, like her sisters, is an astonishingly intelligent woman. But she has been perfectly happy to spend her entire married life as a housewife, raising her two children.

In every single case that I have seen- including in my own mother's case, when she was between jobs and staying at home looking after me and my sister- the women in question are all highly qualified, very smart, and well-read. They are high-quality ladies in every respect.

Yet they were or are at their absolute happiest when at home, as housewives, with their husbands providing for them.

Could it be, perhaps, that being a housewife isn't so terrible after all?

Of course it isn't. Anyone but a feminist could have figured that out.

Take a look at the faces of the women in the video above. Those are not the faces of sad or oppressed women. Those are faces that light up with joy when they see their little ones struggle to take their first steps, or scamper around the kitchen, or babble away as only babies can. Those are the faces of women who are happy and contented to be women.

Slowly, painstakingly, but surely, the tide is turning. Women ten years younger than me are realising that they were lied to by feminists, and by their own mothers. A woman cannot have it all. Men and women are meant to complement each other, not compete. A family in which the man works and provides, and the woman supports and nurtures, is still the best and most time-tested way to raise strong, healthy, happy children.

These ancient truths are being rediscovered throughout the Western world. Unfortunately, the Western legal system is still even more f***ed up than a football bat, so the incentives to rip a man's wallet out through his genitals are as strong as ever (and getting stronger, it would seem). But that, too, will change; it's merely a matter of time.

As always, in a war between biology and ideology, biology wins. It simply takes a long time, and inflicts terrible casualties, before the inevitable happens.

Oh, and if you're interested in how to go about getting your own real-life Stepford wife, you'll have to look a bit farther afield than the corrupted and dying lands of the West. Apparently, in Russia and Eastern Europe, women are well ahead of their Western sisters in the rediscovery of womanly virtues:


  1. Stepford wives club in NYC:

  2. Eduardo the Magnificent22 June 2017 at 19:04

    I would love to have a Stepford Wife, but I'm not sure I can trust a bish to have that much free time to herself without getting bored and coming up with some batshit insane reason to nuke it. A woman nowadays has to WANT to be a SW, and being in high demand, Average Joes need not apply.

  3. Nah. I want my future hubby to be cute, quiet and obedient. I can't stand "masculine" guys, they appear insecure and hysteric to me. If a guy is in touch with his feminine side, that's the best and healthiest for all. If I don't get a man like this, I will get a woman instead. Luckily there are enough gay couples by now who reproduce and create the people that will advance society.


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