The plea falls on deaf ears

In light of the recent attack by a white man against Moose Limbs this time- which is quite the inversion from the usual order of events, of course- even normally sensible folks like Katie Hopkins are calling for restraint and dialogue:

I worry because in the rush to start shouting and get even, we have lost sight of the craziness of life in 21st Century Britain today. We are living in mad times.

Yet we don't even stop to realise how bonkers it is that someone just took a white van and drove into people tending an elderly man who had fainted at a bus stop.

We're lost in the confusion.

We're too busy shouting from our soap box to see, so divided across so many fault lines everyone is at odds with someone. No left versus right. Or Muslim versus non-Muslim. Or rich versus poor. 

We are multiple points on a spider web diagram, a full 360 of possible points of disagreement, held together by the finest of threads.

JK Rowling was at Twitter today harder than a typist on Tramadol. 

Blaming Farage. Blaming me. 

Blaming anyone on the opposite end of the political spectrum. Trying to direct the blood-lust of the twitter mob on to the enemies of her truths.

She posted a tweet of Farage with his Brexit poster. Making this about anti-immigration politicians. Directing new hate to his door.

Way up on the moral high ground, Brendan Cox, high priest of the hopers - was on hand to remind us this was all about Islamophobia and that those who preach this hate should be hunted down.

Others called for mass deportations of whites on the right.

Dianne Abbott was up from her sick bed and able to identify this as a certain terror attack within three hours of it occurring. When usually, 'it is not wise to speculate'.

Grenfell Towers stands forlorn in this moment in every sense. Even as we hear the latest update that 79 are feared dead, the possibility of holding the world's attention and importantly the demand for action that comes with it, is disappearing as quickly the camera crews scurrying off to Finsbury.

I have great respect for Katie Hopkins. She is one of the very few media personalities in all of Great Britain who has shown the tenacity and backbone to say what must be said every time that yet another vibrant has launched yet another attack within Europe.

But she is wrong.

The time for reconciliation, for listening, for reasoned debate and for showing mercy, is long past.

Indeed, when I heard about the attack in Finsbury Circus, and the fact that it was perpetrated by a middle-aged white guy, my first thought was not, "Oh, how horrible!". It was not, "#PrayFor...". It was not "Islam is a religion of peace!!!"- anyone who has been reading my writing these last few months knows damn well by now that I'd never even think such horseshit.

No, it was a much simpler and more stark thought:

"I'm surprised it took so long."

And that is exactly how I feel. I am truly astonished that it has taken this bloody long for white Britain to begin reacting to the dire danger that has infiltrated its borders.

As I had written in some detail a couple of years back when I was living there on assignment, there are now large stretches of London that no longer feel like London, but like some third-world shithole- such as Lahore, Dhaka, and even Kabul in some places.

Every time that a young man of "Asian" descent decides to go all "Allahu akbar!" on us and offs himself, along with whatever number of unfortunate innocents happen to be around as bystanders at that point in time, the media and the cowardly elites rush to prevent us all from committing the grave sin of coming to a snap judgment as to the attacker's ethnicity, religious beliefs, or motivations. That would be wrongthink, you see, and that cannot be permitted.

Never mind the mangled and torn bodies of the innocent people lying in pools of their own blood on the sidewalks and in the streets.

Never mind the fact that, in Manchester just a few weeks ago, little children at a pop concert had to experience the sensation of red-hot razor-sharp shrapnel being blasted into their flesh and tearing their limbs apart.

Never mind that, in Brussels just today, yet another Muslim man was shot and killed just before he could detonate a suicide vest in the midst of a crowd in a subway station.

No, the worst crime we could all commit would be to exclude people from Islamic nations, who subscribe to a perverted heresy of ancient Christian doctrine.

This is not tolerance. This is not virtue. This is madness. And at long last, it must end.

Enough of reasoning with evil.

Enough of compromise.

Enough of pretending that Islam has nothing to do with these attacks.

And ENOUGH of arguing that people from Islamic nations have just as much right to live in Western societies and civilisations as the, very white, people who built those very civilisations in the first place.

For the sake of peace in both Western and Islamic lands, the Muslims have to go back- voluntarily if at all possible, and by force if it is not.

The alternative is an ever-increasing number of attacks carried out in the name of their so-called "prophet" and under the aegis of their moon-god.

How many more sons and daughters need to be murdered like that before the message gets through? How many more parents must know the agony of realising that their children will never come home to them again? How many more husbands and wives must grieve for their other halves, taken from them in the name of a blasphemous dogma?

The attack in Finsbury Circus took place just a few hundred metres away from where I used to work in London. I know that area well. I used to eat lunch in that park near the mosque sometimes. I do not write these things lightly.

In fact, I am one of the very people who would be affected if Western nations were ever to adopt anything like a sane policy toward Islamic immigration and residents. While I do not act or sound anything like a Muslim- and I cannot stand their so-called "faith"- I look a lot like those little brown brothers that Western liberals claim to love so much. And eventually I would probably be one of the folks "asked politely" to GTFO.

So you need to understand my full meaning when I write the above. I am fully aware that I would likely suffer from my own call to arms.

But the facts do not care about personal circumstances. And if the West is to be saved in any capacity or form, it needs to wake up and realise that hatred of those attempting to kill its people is not only right and just, it is necessary.

The Saxon is, finally and at long last, learning how to hate once more. God help us all if that rage is kept in check very much longer- because once it breaks loose, there will be no stopping it. Not this time.


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