The picture says it all

In case anyone has ever been under any doubt as to where Little Marco stands within the socio-sexual hierarchy, we now have the perfect visual evidence to analyse:

The original analysis argued that Li'l Marco was very much a Beta: socio-sexually successful, but nowhere near on the same level as the God-Emperor.

And that is, of course, the daughter of the God-Emperor that he's trying- and failing miserably- to embrace in a friendly hug.

That is a woman who has spent her entire life around an Alpha male- and not just any Alpha male, but a fairly unusual and rare Ur-Alpha.

There are not very many of those in existence; the last one to ascend to the office of the Presidency was, of course, the one and only President Ronald Reagan.

Her father, for all of his MANY flaws, is unquestionably an Alpha male. She married a man who is highly successful in his own right- and knows it, and is not in the least bit afraid to take ownership of his woman in public.

Simply put, Ivanka Kushner knows that she is in close proximity with a weaker man than she is used to letting into such an intimate distance- and she is showing it.

Now, obviously, it is possible to take a single photograph out of context. It is possible that Sen. Rubio simply caught Ivanka Trump a little off guard and she wasn't quite prepared to be sociable and embrace him right away like that. I will readily admit that one cannot analyse all that much from a single picture.

But now take a look at the rest of the pictures in the Daily Mail article.

Watch Ivanka's body language as she strides along. Her face is stern and businesslike when she is looking at him. Her body language is instinctively closed off, with her arm sweeping her hair across her face- and unconsciously providing a barrier between her body and Sen. Rubio.

Hell, in that photo above, even the Secret Service guard behind Mrs. Kushner appears to be confused as to exactly what the hell is going on.

All I can say is that it is probably a good thing that the God-Emperor wasn't there in the same room at the same time- because I have no doubt that a truly EPIC public humiliation of Little Marco Rubio would have followed, one that we shitlords would still be pointing at and laughing over months from the event.


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