The Legions of the God-Emperor

While we are on the subject of the God-Emperor and his epic policy of epic epicness, it might be worth clearing up one major question surrounding the Alt-Right and our exaltation of President Trump.

Quite a few of the more active MGTOW and Alpha Male 2.0 crowd have openly expressed their disdain for this tendency of ours to exalt Donald Trump as the Savior of the West. They argue that nothing will change, that the West is doomed, that there is absolutely no point in pretending that any President can possibly save America or make it great again.

I (mostly) agree.

Relax, lads, no need for fainting spells or smelling salts here. I am simply being realistic and pointing out a few home truths about the Alt-Right's seemingly ridiculous massive man-crush on the Lion of Midnight, and attempting to clear up a few misconceptions about the Alt-Right in the process.

I am not a betting man, but if I were, I would happily give you three-to-one odds that if you asked a hundred different Alt-Right personalities and bloggers about their opinions of President Trump and whether or not he can, in fact, Make America Great Again!!!, almost all of them would tell you that President Trump, alone, cannot save America or the Western world.

This is not because we lack faith in him. It is because we are not fools and we are not swayed easily by a sales pitch. The Alt-Right is, first and foremost, a movement of realists, not idealists.

We know damn well that much of President Trump's legislative agenda is, realistically, dead on arrival because of the cuckservatives in the House and the baleful influence of the Arch-Heretic, Cryin' Chuck Schumer, in the Senate.

We are quite well that the President is a civic nationalist, not an ethno-nationalist, who believes at some level the silly myth about America as a "melting pot".

Our eyes are very much open to the fact that, as a private citizen, Donald Trump's political positions have undergone more mutations than a Tzeentchian Lord of Change.

We are not at all blind to the fact that, since ascending to the Cherry Blossom Throne, the God-Emperor has publicly shifted positions on a number of subjects, and has referred to himself as both a nationalist AND a globalist- a logical non sequitur if there ever was one.

We know that he is deeply flawed. We get that his Tweetstorms make him look like a ridiculously overbearing, verbally incontinent buffoon to the rest of the world (which, for instance, is one of my father's main objections to him). We see that he comes across as something of an anti-intellectual bully with a megaphone.

Turning to the broader Western world, it is not difficult for us to see that the West is sick, lame, and dying. The greatest civilisation in human history is being eaten away from within by the cancer within its bowel- a sickness that it brought upon itself by willingly swallowing the Satanic poison of cultural Marxism.

The West is still technologically far superior to any of the alternatives, but the disease that is destroying it has turned its people into spineless cowards, unable to see and understand the greatness of their own heritage and the terrible sacrifices in blood and treasure made by their forefathers to build up that inheritance.

We are not for a moment fooled into thinking that salvaging what little we can of the glories of the West will be easy. We know how difficult this will be- and we know that, no matter how difficult we think it will be, the reality will be much, much worse. We know that we face terrible obstacles in our path to restore Western civilisation under the rule of the Laws of the Almighty.

We see the true external enemy, Islam, and we call it what it is- the most dangerous enemy of civilisation and human decency that the world has ever known, worse and more evil even than Communism ever was. And we see that Donaldus Triumphus, for all of his willingness to confront "Islamic extremism" head on, cannot bring himself to call Islam what it is- a barbaric and Satanic heresy of the True Word of the Lord our God.

It. Doesn't. Matter.

The cold truth is that Donald Trump and the movement that he has led into power represents the one last hope that America, and by extension much of the West, has for a relatively peaceful transition from the weak and broken civilisation before us today, to the strong and prosperous one that we could have in the future.

The Alt-Right knows, and has always known, that President Donald Trump is not the saviour of the West. He cannot be. The West is still too weak and too fragmented to embrace true Alt-Right hard nationalism. Civic nationalism is the best that we are going to get, for now.

If you look back on my own posts on the subject of Donald Trump, and especially of my posts from back in late 2015 and mid-2016 when he was campaigning, and again when he won the Presidency itself, you will note that I repeatedly stated that I had some deep doubts about his ability to govern effectively. And, let's be honest, many of those doubts have proven to be justified.

The flaw in the logic of the doubters is that they think of Donald Trump as the sum and substance of the movement that he represents.

This is simply wrong. The God-Emperor alone will not save the West. He cannot. It is not possible to do so.

The fracturing and destruction of much of the West is now inevitable. It cannot be avoided and there is no point in even pretending that it can. The heterogeneous Western empire will shatter and restructure itself as racially, ethnically, and (most importantly) ideologically homogeneous nations.

And in the interregnum of chaos that will ensue, oceans of blood will be spilled.

The only way to avoid the bloodshed is if a movement comes to power through democratic, peaceful means, and that separation is enforced through the rule of law by governments, rather than by bayonet and bullets unleashed by the enraged and unchecked peoples of the West.

Donald Trump and his supporters are a peaceful (for now) movement that has come to power through the ballot box. If their will is thwarted repeatedly, violence will surely be inevitable. But President Trump represents one last chance, one slim and possibly forlorn hope, that the destruction of the West can at least be mitigated, and that a large part of its magnificent legacy can be preserved for future generations to build upon.

The Legions of the God-Emperor are "one unbreakable shield against the coming darkness, one last blade forged in defiance of fate".

Let me put it this way: if we think about it in science fiction terms, President Donald Trump is not actually the God-Emperor of Mankind as presented in the Warhammer 40K canon. After all, in that canon, the God-Emperor's Great Crusade is wrecked completely by the Horus Heresy and Mankind then languishes in darkness and despair for the next 10,000 years, knowing nothing but war and bloodshed.

Think instead of Donald Trump as the brainchild of Hari Seldon in Isaac Asimov's Foundation series: a last desperate measure formed to preserve all that is best about Mankind from the coming fall, and thereby shorten the chaos and destruction that will inevitably follow to as brief a period as possible.

So if Donald Trump is not actually THE savior of America (which he isn't), or even A savior of the West (which he might be, but that will only happen with great difficulty), why the hell does the Alt-Right insist on calling him the God-Emperor all the time?

That's an easy one.

The Alt-Right uses the God-Emperor meme for two reasons:
1) It's hysterically funny, particularly for nerds; and
2) It triggers shitlibs like you wouldn't believe

And since the Alt-Right is not oriented around a defensive philosophy, but is instead an openly and avowedly nationalistic offensive one in every sense of the word, we use that meme precisely because it either pisses people off, or rallies them to our cause.

Either outcome works for us. Triggering liberaltard manlets is not merely extremely good fun, it also whets our appetite for actual conflict. We aim to offend shitlibs and we make absolutely no apologies for this fact, and we will take the fight to them whether they like it or not.

And we're going to need the practice, because make no mistake, violence IS coming. Whether we like it or not, the antifags, shitlibs, and dindu nuffins that now plague the West are going to do their absolute level best to destroy us. We've kicked over their tea-wagon and shown that we are every bit as willing to dish it out as they are- more so, actually.

The Legiones Astartes of the God-Emperor stand ready to go to war in the name of the Imperium. Will you not join us?


  1. I keep telling people "Look, Trump is not even a remotely Alt-right or even decent president. A halfway decent president would NEVER have gotten elected in the modern environment. Trump is a wall that will maybe help clean up the government a little so the NEXT president, or maybe the one after that, might be decent."

    Trump is not perfect. a demand for perfection is the enemy of good.

    1. Correct. President Trump is not perfect, cannot be perfect, and will never be anything more than a deeply flawed yet still highly effective reaction against the globalist insanity which has come perilously close to destroying Western civilisation.

      It remains to be seen whether the President after him will be any good. The demographic trends of this nation indicate that whites, who went heavily for Trump, will become increasingly a minority in their own country. That spells disaster for a country built and maintained by whites, for Western civilisation is, essentially, white civilisation.

    2. If you want a verbally efficient way of saying all that, try this:
      Trump cannot save us. He can only give us a chance to save ourselves.


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