Only a matter of time

At this point, the advent of what friend and fellow alt-Right shitlord Julian Langness rightly calls European civil war is a given. It's simply a matter of when, not if:

The 14-Century war between Islam and the West never stopped. It never went away. It simply changed course and form when the West made a suicide pact with itself and opened up its own borders- and in so doing, slit its own throat.

It is instructive to look at how this war has waxed and waned in the past, particularly by observing the history of the Byzantine Empire, for which there is a particularly good Infogalactic article available. The observable pattern of history is perfectly clear: when Islam is strong, it brooks no opposition and tolerates no deviation from its abominable doctrine; but when Islam is weak, its adherents will happily cut any manner of deal to save themselves.

The lesson for the West could not be clearer: expel the invaders, NOW. Slam shut the borders to them. Return to the old concepts of nation-states, bonded by language, culture, blood, and shared history, and let the European Union die a badly-deserved and much-needed death.

The modern Western liberal shibboleth of separation between church and state has failed, utterly. It has become quite clear to any reasonable observer that Western secular democracy is inherently incapable of protecting its own value systems- because it has no real value system, and it has no real doctrine to expound.

The doctrine of separation between Church and State, as the Founders elucidated quite clearly, was never to enforce open war between government and religion. It was to ensure that no one branch of Christianity could ever gain the patronage of government, and thereby have the sanctity of the Word of God corrupted by government interference. The doctrine was never intended to make governments so hostile to Christianity that any other creed, no matter how blasphemous or dangerous, could be considered its equivalent.

Given the evidence, it is clear that the only way forward for the West is to return to its Christian roots, and at the very least acknowledge the supremacy of Christian doctrines concerning the existence of evil, and the way by which that problem can be solved.

And once that is done, ban the very practice of Mohammedanism on pain of death, if need be.

Then, and only then, can the West begin to reclaim the lost territories of Christendom.

The coming wars will be brutal, bloody, and terrible. But they are also- and I hate to write this- necessary.

I do not want to see the people of Europe suffer and die. I do not want to see bloodshed in the streets of London, Paris, Stockholm, and Berlin. Like all real conservatives, I hate war.

I want nothing more than to be able to walk down the streets of a quiet neighbourhood that is safe and peaceful, where little children can laugh and shriek and run and play in the late sunlight of the summer's evenings.

But it isn't up to me anymore. People like me warned that war was coming. We were ignored and laughed at and called every ugly name in the book.

And we were right.


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