No Right but the Alt-Right

Even the most rock-ribbed of Reagan-era conservatives are finally beginning to get it:

Even a principled and admirable conservative like Scott Ott is beginning to understand that conservatism has not conserved a single damn thing over the last thirty years.

The Alt-Right of today is not your father's conservative party. We are not interested in "playing nice". Doing that got the Right precisely 100% of absolutely nowhere.

We won the Cold War through both subtle and overt applications of power on the international stage, through statecraft and diplomacy, through force of arms, and through simple adherence to the iron laws of economics and human incentives. And then, we promptly turned around and lost every single noteworthy battle of the war for Western culture and civilisation.

We lost because, without the presence of a truly dangerous external enemy, there seemed to be no real need to stand our ground against the Pink Fascist brigade, the Cult of Multiculti, the open-borders idiots, and the truly evil cultural Marxists. We let them infiltrate every important Western institution, and then we left them there to fester like the cancers that they are.

Once the euphoria surrounding the epic moral, political, and economic victory over the Satanic evil of Communism as a governing philosophy had disappeared, it turned out that conservatives really didn't have anything left to defend.

And because conservatism isn't really a coherent ideology but is instead essentially a grab-bag of philosophical ideas with no doctrine, as conservative hero Russell Kirk himself pointed out, it comes as precisely zero surprise that conservatives have therefore simply backed and retreated and given up whenever confronted with Leftist zealots.

For the fact is that without a doctrine to defend, without a model to aspire toward, all that conservatism amounts to is a lot of FEELZ, a set of attitudes about how the world should work and how a man should comport himself within that world.

That is all very well and good in a world that works the way that conservatives would like it to. It is completely useless in a world in which evil insists on getting its own way.

That is where the Alt-Right comes in.

Unlike most libertarians- and I used to be one of them- we recognise that free markets and free people are a consequence, not a cause, of good government.

Unlike the autistic nutters of the Alt-White, we recognise that the dictates of ethno-nationalism apply to all races, and that insisting on "White Power!" all the time simply turns off potentially valuable allies.

And unlike just about every weaker flavour of conservatism to date, the Alt-Right recognises that the only way to stand up to the Left is to literally stand up to them.

Whether it means forming bodyguard cordons for our brethren at free speech rallies, or battling with the Antifags at Berkeley and Austin, or wearing a TRUMPSLIDE! shirt with a shit-eating grin on the streets of Manhattan, we innately recognise that the only way to win this war is to actually fight it.

Defensive strategies do not work for very long. Against a determined, committed, coordinated, and extremely dangerous armed enemy, playing defensively always ends eventually because at some point, an attack IS going to get through and land a knockout blow.

Against such an enemy, the only appropriate response is a calibrated offensive attack.

As our three friends in the old Right are noting, the Left is finally seeing the pushback that their evil has created. And they don't like it.

This amuses me no end, because the fact is that the Alt-Right has barely even begun to fight. If they're this terrified of us now, imagine what will happen when we actually start showing up in force, and with real numbers on our side.

One way or another, the Alt-Right is going to take over the established conservative order of the day. I write that as a former libertarian who ardently argued in favour of government basically leaving everyone the hell ALONE.

Libertarian-oriented, small-government conservatism is all well and good in a society that isn't controlled by Leftists. It is completely useless in a society where the culture insists on total thought policing and the adoption of flatly insane, unscientific, ahistorical notions of equality, "gender fluidity" (whatever the hell that means), feminism, and all of the other various mental disorders of the Left.

Given that we now live in such a society, the only alternative is active resistance. And the Alt-Right is clearly the only part of the conservative movement that is antifragile enough, resilient enough, and willing enough to do what is needed.

We could very easily fail, by the way. It could be that the Left has fully won the war and that there is no point in attempting to fight back.

But the evidence tells me otherwise. The Alt-Right is obeying one of the cardinal rules of power and warfare: be "formless".

We have clearly adapted to the Left's tactics- that's why they are so shit-scared of us now. They are adapting in response. And so it will continue, until either they are dust, or we are.

Fetch some beer and popcorn, boys. It's going to be one hell of a show.


  1. As I said in my post recently on the golden rule:

    A bully advertises they're willing to use force to get what they want. They're not likely to stop just because someone asks nicely. Is it any more moral to proclaim through your actions and choices that you're willing to be beaten and be stolen from because you won't hurt those who clearly are fine with doing you harm?

    Are you willing to demonstrate that you accept the strong and abusive taking advantage of those they deem weaker?

    Yeah, you can claim the "high ground" - and per game theory and the iterated prisoner's dilemma, you may do it once.

    If they come back to attack you again, they see you as prey, your forebearance as weakness, and you can natter on about taking the high road all you want, the practical matter is that you're choosing a course of action which allows the bully, the rapist, the thief, the tyrant, to keep on.

    1. Yep. I read it- good post, by the way.

      With respect to your point about game theory, what you referred to is the "one-shot" Prisoner's Dilemma, in which of course it is possible to "turn the other cheek", once.

      But doing it over and over is, as you say, simply stupid. Neither the Old Testament nor the New commands this.

      The iterated Prisoner's Dilemma is an interesting exercise in mathematical Game Theory when studying games of imperfect information. In such cases, "turning the other cheek" repeatedly is punished, over and over and over again, by the incentive structures of the game.

      The solution to deviant behaviours in such games is to resort to what are known as "grim trigger strategies", whereby being betrayed by the other party from the "optimal" outcome results in swift, severe, and repeated reprisals, which in terms of incentives impose such a high cost on deviating from optimal behaviour as to force a rational actor to take the cooperative path.

      That is what the Alt-Right is doing. And that is why we're winning.

    2. Yeah, and thanks. And that is why we are.

      Too bad so many "biblically aware" types insist that the golden rule is the "nice" strategy without realizing the deeper implications in conjunction with jesus other parables, or what allowing people to abuse you says.


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