Mighty Wings

Look, I know that TOP GUN is, by far, the single gayest non-gay movie ever made, but you cannot deny that it has a truly epic soundtrack.

This is the film that made both Tom Cruise and Kenny Loggins into bona fide superstars. It is in many ways a dreadful movie- and yet it's brilliant at the same time. (A bit like the first couple of Transformers films. Please proceed to insert insults about my appalling taste in movies in the commends below.)

And part of the reason why it is such a great guilty pleasure of a movie is because of songs like this one:

That hook... that riff... that keyboard... You just cannot get more 80s than this.


  1. That was an awesome soundtrack. That said, my favorite Cheap Trick is "surrender"

  2. I'd probably say Footloose is what put Kenny Loggins at the forefront. He's got two songs on that OST as well and the title went #1. There is no Top Gun without Footloose.

    However, we played this album (on vinyl!) constantly when I was a kid. Love every bit of it but Mighty Wings over Danger Zone??


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