Give your woman regular injections

Remember how, a couple of weeks ago, I pointed out that it is in fact possible to turn even the craziest female SJWs at least slightly around and make them see sense again?

As I said back then, there are several reasons why an obnoxiously stupid screeching harpy of an SJW female might turn herself around and put the feminist Kool-Aid down. A lot of it has to do with the presence of a strong man in her life who refuses to tolerate her bullshit and calls her out on it readily.

In other words, instead of riding the strong horse, she gets ridden by it, ifyaknowwhatImeanrite.

Unfortunately, as our good friends over at Age of Shitlords point out, it is entirely too easy for such a woman to go right back to her stupid former ways the moment that she stops receiving regular sperm injections from the shitlord in her life:

This woman was as radical a Feminist as they come. Her entire YouTube channel, Twitter account and Facebook page are filled with Feminist vitriol about how offensive speech needs to be banned, how there are numerous genders (5, to be exact, is how many she said there are) and how rape accusations should be believed without evidence. And she threw all that away just because of sexual intercourse? I’m not impressed.

Either she never believed any of the things she claimed to have believed in the first place and was only doing it for the money/attention, or she did believe them. In the case of the later, it means that her entire “Shitlord” status is dependent on Chris Ray Gun being able to maintain his sexual prowess. If this dude becomes impotent tomorrow, what’s stopping Laci Green from flipping back to her former self? Or even worse, they have a horrible break-up and she becomes an even more radicalized Feminist out of spite.

Forget the obnoxious and annoying Laci Green you know, the new post-breakup Laci Green will probably want to harvest our organs and place us in male concentration camps. I’m joking of course, but you get my point. Can you really trust someone who is so impressionable and corruptible that a penis in her vagina (or somewhere else) can make her abandon beliefs she has held for several years? If she comes across a buff and fit ISIS fighter in the future, can we expect her to start waging Global Jihad? People like this are always the first to jump off a sinking ship. I hope I’m wrong about her, but I probably am not...

Anyone who is sceptical about Laci Green's "Road to Damascus" moment is absolutely right to be so. I certainly am. Radical feminists don't become good happy housewives overnight; indeed, if a woman has ever identified as a feminist at any point in her life, there is a very good chance that putting a ring on it will result in the extraction of your wallet through your genitalia just a few years down the line.

After all, as far as Laci Green goes, there are precisely two reasons why anyone pays attention to her:

Hey, just be glad I kept it relatively tame. The picture over at AoS is a hell of a lot funnier, but not quite as family-friendly.

As far as I am concerned, Chris Ray Gun's decision to "stick it in crazy" is entirely his to make, of course. I wouldn't have touched Laci Green with a ten-foot Spartan spear tipped with puffer fish venom, but that's me- I'd very much like to keep my dinner where it is, thank you.

Don't get me wrong, it is possible to turn an obnoxious feminist into an actual woman. It's just quite difficult and not usually worth the effort. And in this specific case, given how damaged Laci is from all of her years of public attention-whoring, well, that is probably a heroic attempt made in vain.

The lesson from Laci Green is not, however, that one should go around attempting to turn a feminist into an actual girl. One might as well dress up as Don Quixote, ride an old nag, and go tilt at windmills.

No, the real lesson from Chris Ray Gun's and Laci Green's highly unlikely little romance is that, if you don't give your woman regular doses of... well, you know... things are liable to go very, very badly for you.

After all, is not a woman a sheath for her husband's sword?


  1. Women are all like that. That's why I find the term 'stockholm syndrome' so very amusing... Women are genetically programmed to bond with the man that controls her. It is not a syndrome, it is an irreversible biological fact.

    Thus the eternal shit testing of feminists. They have no male that controls them to bond with, and it breaks their souls. Half the reason the liberal (feminist) mindset supports islamic psychos is because they are hoping to finally have men strong enough to put them in their place.


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