Friday T&A: Calculus class Edition

Now before anybody gets the wrong idea from the title of this post, let's make one thing very clear: I'm not talking about equations and nerdy graphs. This edition of weekly epic hawtness contains neither.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a total geek- you don't get two degrees in mathematics if you don't genuinely love the subject. Be assured even so that what follows is not at all geeky- unless of course you're the kind of guy who couldn't get laid in a Bangkok brothel even when carrying around a billion dollars in small bills, in which case... you need help, bro.

Anyway, the logic- if you can call it that- behind the title comes from the fact that, in calculus, one of the first things you learn about is the definition of a tangent to a curve. Basically, a tangent is a straight line that "just touches" a given point on a curve. (Yeah, my mind works in strange ways. I know. So?)

In class, this sort of thing can be quite dry and boring to see on a chalkboard when you're watching some balding ugly dude sketching out parabolas and tangent lines.

So I thought I'd try to make this particular concept just a tad more interesting by presenting a set of curves that EVERY ONE OF US would be perfectly happy to do quite a bit more than "just touch".

Today's heaping helping of curvy goodness brought to you by our friends at Radass. Happy Friday, boys. It's a perfect day for boobs and beers.

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