Friday T&A: Hot for teacher Edition

Summer is very nearly upon us, and school is out for the duration, which means lots of little rugrats running around and turning their parents' lives upside down. Now obviously this is no bad thing from the point of view of most young boys these days; most schools, whether public or private, amount to little more than 7 hours of imprisonment every day, particularly in the highly feminised school atmosphere of THEE CURRENT YEAR.

However, there is one subject that I have to admit I always really enjoyed, at least in high school. And that subject was mathematics.

There is an elegance and form to mathematics that you just don't find in any other subject. And since maths is the foundation upon which everything else important actually rests, it behooves a young man to learn as much of it as he can.

Of course, I was lucky. I had (and have) a natural aptitude for the subject, and I had a number of great teachers too.

For most boys, though, learning maths would be a lot easier and more fun if the teachers themselves were actually, y'know, good at teaching.

Or at least, smoking hot.

Like, say, Oksana Nevesalaya, a maths teacher hailing from (of course) Eastern Europe, by way of Minsk in Belarus. She was breathlessly referred to as the World's Hottest Female Maths Teacher for a while, and to be honest, I do see why.

She is Russian (all right, fine, technically she's actually from White Russia), and we know what that means- almost surely extremely high maintenance and extremely high drama combined with God only knows how many neuroses- but there is no denying that studying maths with this lady teaching you would be a hell of a lot of fun.

Oh, and let's be clear about something: this girl's Instagram account clearly shows her traveling to all sorts of exotic locations, often in private jets. I dunno about you, but I find it very difficult to believe that a maths teacher in Belarus is making so much money that she can basically shower in champagne every day.

Dubai Port-A-Potty, anyone?

Anyway, happy Friday, boys. Enjoy the start of summer, it's going to get awfully hot very soon.

OK, I'll stick it in, but NO TEETH!

WHY do hot girls insist on taking selfies in TOILETS?!?!


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