Even feminists can learn

Cassie Jaye, the (formerly) feminist documentary filmmaker behind The Red Pill, underwent a rather interesting transformation during the process of filming her latest project. Sceptical as I tend to be about women who claim to be "awakened" from the madness of feminism, I have to admit that her narration of her journey from feminist whackadoodle to something resembling an actual living breathing woman is well done:

First, and most importantly, my sincerest and most heartfelt congratulations to Miss Jaye. If she has genuinely recanted her former beliefs and is now attempting to transform herself into a better woman, then she deserves plaudits and recognition from us men.

For let us be very clear about one incontrovertible fact: feminism won because of men.

Without the direct and indirect support of millions of Western men, who have had no truly lethal external enemy for the last fifty years or so against whom to unite and therefore prevent themselves from falling into lassitude and dissipation, feminism would never have been a viable political philosophy.

Only today, now that we can see the disaster that has resulted from fifty and more years of feminist dogma spreading like cancer throughout every one of the West's most important institutions, are men beginning to turn away and realise just what they have lost.

That is where women like Cassie Jaye come in.

I am well aware that opinions on her documentary within the Manosphere are sharply divided. I, personally, have not seen it, and therefore have no quarrel with either Ms. Jaye or her work.

But, whether you like the film or not, the fact is that Ms. Jaye has done us a powerful service.

She did what very few people- men or women- have dared to do before. She looked at the catastrophic destruction of men's rights throughout the Western world and tried to present what she saw in as unbiased a fashion as she knew how.

Very few men, no matter how old or wise or influential, are capable of doing this in the current political climate. The risks to their fortunes, their reputations, and even their very lives are simply too great.

And thus it falls, sadly, to women- such as Cassie Jaye, and the excellent Dr. Helen Smith- to do the job for us. This is not the way it should be, but until the appalling treatment of Western men within just about every institution of the modern West is at least alleviated somewhat, that is how it will be, whether we like it or not.

Ms. Jaye's documentary and personal opinions on the subject of men's rights may well be incorrect or problematic. Since I have not seen the film, I cannot comment on either. But let us take a moment to at least appreciate the fact that she was willing to do what almost no feminist will.

And, like many feminists who actually try to examine the evidence from the other side, she ended up realising that it was her side that was the problem.

The realisation may well have been late in coming. But it is never too late to accept Truth into one's life. As painful and difficult as it can be to do so, the discomfort is eventually outweighed by the rewards.


  1. The core is, once again, the fake media.

    I am starting to wonder about the first amendment.

    1. Yes. The First Amendment was supposed to protect freedom of speech, conscience, and religion from the predations of tyrants. It was NEVER supposed to be used as a cudgel to allow the petty tyrants of the press to tell the rest of us what and how to think.


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