Whoever decided to take one of the greatest IRON MAIDEN anthems ever written- which is therefore, by definition, one of the greatest songs ever written and performed, by any band, ever- with one of Michael Jackson's biggest hits, is crazier than a honey-badger:

Annoyingly, I have to admit... it's actually very good. Even if Dave Murray's solo in "The Trooper" got wiped out by Eddie Van Halen's, which to me is plainly heretical.

Of course, I find the idea of mashing up IRON MAIDEN songs with anything else to be nothing short of sacrilegious.

So if we're going to do mashups that are actually really good, really funny, and DON'T commit the blasphemy of blending the works of THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME with those of lesser artists, let's stick to the classics:

I can't possibly be the only one to notice how much the dude singing for ROCK SUGAR sounds exactly like Steve Perry did back when he was singing for JOURNEY...


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