Beating them like unwanted stepchildren

From the perspective of a shitlord, it is extremely difficult to figure out what the best part is of the unfolding CNN "very fake news" catastrophe. (Catastrophic, of course, for them, not for us.)

Maybe it is the fact that we now have absolutely undeniable proof that the dinosaur news media has a clear partisan agenda. We always knew it, but the slippery bastards could always slip and weave their way out of our accusations and try to reframe the debate by calling us racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, and all sorts of other types of Badthinkers.

Or perhaps it is the fact that three of these partisan hacks have been thrown out on their keisters as a result of their atrocious lack of good sense and journalistic integrity- and it looks like more are soon to follow.

Or it could be the fact that there are sharks circling the waters around CNN's headquarters. They have locked on to the scent of chum, and now CNN's management team looks like it is going to be dealing with mega lawsuits and massive pressure from AT&T to get rid of CNN's President, Jeff Zucker, before Time Warner is acquired.

There is so much schadenfreude to indulge in here, it is truly difficult to figure out which part of this lovely symphony of destruction is to be enjoyed the most.

One thing, however, is clearer than it has ever been: the legacy media is the enemy. And they MUST be destroyed- by any and all means necessary.

To be clear, I would not have the slightest problem with these folks if they declared their allegiances openly. That is what newspapers used to do back in the early days of the American republic; most towns and cities usually had at least one paper that explicitly aligned itself with the old Democratic-Republican Party, or the Whigs, or the Federalists, or the Republicans when they came along.

And that was just fine. There was nothing wrong with that at all. They had a point of view, they peddled that point of view, and the quality of their journalism in service to that view was what gained or lost them subscribers and readers.

But somewhere in the last 100 years or so, a perversion of the journalistic process has taken place, whereby journalism school graduates are overwhelmingly left-wing, but are trained to think and believe that they are impartial observers and reporters of the truth.

Their comeuppance and utter annihilation is long overdue. And I for one am truly delighted to see CNN going down in flames like this.

Next up: the Carlos Slim Blog, previously known as the New York Times. If a certain Sarah Palin has anything to say about it, we might just be seeing "OWNED BY THE PALINS" splashed across the Grey Lady's website in fairly short order.

We can but hope.

In the meantime, brothers, onward and upward, for Kek and the God-Emperor!


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