The fourth album by Canadian metal band UNLEASH THE ARCHERS was released last Friday, and... just... wow.

I haven't been able to stop listening to it for the past three days.

Very few albums ever released, by any band, can claim to have had such an immediate effect- unless of course the name of the band that released the album happens to start with IRON and end with MAIDEN. But then, there is only one band in existence that has the right to call itself THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME, of course, so that is understandable.

Even so, the new UTA album is impressive indeed.

Their previous effort, Time Stands Still, was a solid slab of fast, technical genre-bending metal, with plenty of heavy riffs, great guitar solos, powerful bass and drums, and of course terrific vocal performances by Brittany Slayes. The first single from that one, "Tonight We Ride", gives you a good idea what these guys are all about.

But that album was ultimately let down by several weaker and less inspired tracks that partly nullified the effects of metal anthems like that first single, the title track, and the epic "Dreamcrusher".

With this new album, though, it appears that the band has tightened things up significantly in terms of both musicianship and songwriting. While there are several epic tracks on this one, including the title track, they don't feel slow or boring at all.

This is definitely an album worth checking out.


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