You know your country is boned when...

... your country elects an openly gay Prime Minister- and then his "husband" publicly acknowledged live-in sodomite lover shows up for a photo op with the wives and female royalty of the rest of Europe:

Gauthier Destenay, the husband of Luxembourg's gay Prime Minister, posed for photos in Brussels on Thursday with (front row from L to R) First Lady of France Brigitte Macron, First Lady of Turkey Emine Gulbaran Erdogan,  Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Jens Stoltenberg's partner Ingrid Schulerud, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev's partner Desislava Radeva, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel's partner Amelie Derbaudrenghien and (back row L to R)  partner of Slovenia's Prime Minister Cerar's wife Mojca Stropnik and First Lady of Iceland Thora Margret Baldvinsdottir

In the Holy Name of the Lord, why would anyone do anything so galactically stupid as lining up such people and taking a picture of them for the world to see?!

No wonder the Islamic world wants to raze the cities, temples, and churches of the West to the ground and raise their minaret-topped abominations in their place.

Let me make a very clear exemption here for the lovely and dignified First Lady of the United States of America, Mrs. Melania Trump. She shows off a degree of beauty, class, and refinement that, unsurprisingly, is sorely lacking in most Western nations these days- because she isn't really a Westerner. She is from Eastern Europe, where women with that kind of class and poise still exist.

The rest of the Western women in that picture- yes, all of them- are as clear a sign as one could want of how far the West has fallen and retreated. Many of them apparently are not even wives to their husbands; they are referred to by the mealy-mouthed term "partner" instead.

Looking at it, I am not even slightly surprised that the Islamic world is so implacably hostile to the West and everything it stands for- because, based on what we can see there, the West stands for nothing more than barren wombs, mannish women, and sodomite degeneracy.

You don't have to take my word for it, of course. Just take a look at the one Muslim woman in that shot.

The President of Turkey's wife, a (presumably) good Islamic woman by the name of Emine Gulbaran Erdogan, tells you exactly what she is thinking through her facial expression and body language.

Look at her face. That is the face of a woman who knows that she is surrounded by weakness and degeneracy- and is viscerally recoiling from it.

And, with the very distinct exception of First Lady Melania Trump- who of course looks stunning- she is correct in her thinking.

This picture brings to mind some of the topics that Supreme Dark Lord Vox Day (PBUH) mentioned in his latest Darkstream. In it, he pointed out that as Christianity wanes in the West, the spiritual void left by the retreat of a strong and masculine Christian philosophy will naturally cause people to seek out alternatives.

The elites of the West have very stupidly come to venerate the false gospel of the Good Samaritan, rather than the true Gospel of the Lord Christ. They have come to believe that it is better to be seen as virtuous, than to actually be virtuous.

They have come to think of Christianity as an effeminate "go-along-to-get-along" sort of philosophy, rather like the sort of woolly-headed nonsense that the Church of England preaches. In reality, from the very beginning of the faith, it was absolutely nothing of the sort- and became even less so when the robustly masculine Visigoths began to convert to it en masse in the 4th and 5th Centuries.

And because they follow a plainly nonsensical heresy of the Word, they are unable to resist the deadly perils of materialism, feminism, and Islam.

You see, being "nice" is not a winning strategy. Being "nice" is a great way to end up on someone else's dinner table. Being "nice" just gets a man bent over a barrel and raped by the very predators and invaders that he "nicely" allowed into his home. Being "nice" simply lets women get away with any and all manner of stupidity in the name of "self-expression".

Being strong is the only safeguard against these outcomes.

I tell you now that the only hope that the West has is a revived, masculine, highly aggressive form of Christianity that is willing to confront the evil heresy of Islam head-on.

I can hear quite a few people recoiling in horror and exclaiming, Didact, how can you possibly be serious about that?!?

I am as serious as a heart attack. And I am right.

Given that I grew up as an expat in an Islamic country, and given that I turned away from hedonism and the hopeless nihilism of atheism several years ago but am not Christian, what I have written above should tell you exactly how serious I am on the subject.

The West cannot effectively resist the moral rot and degeneracy that has taken hold within it unless it turns back to the moral compass that a masculine faith provides. Christianity- the real version, not the abominable Churchian heresy that most people mistakenly think is the Christian faith- provides such a compass.

Unfortunately, so too does Islam. And because Islam is not afraid to provide a strong template for moral behaviour- and severe punishments for deviating from that template- it is currently winning the war against a decaying and dying Christian West.

Even so, there is room for hope and optimism. As our Supreme Dark Lord points out, the Christian faith is currently undergoing and spiritual and material revival in the formerly Communist nations of Eastern Europe. And the reason for that is because the Satanic evil of Communism was extremely effective at pushing weak Christians away from their faith.

A weak-kneed Churchian will not risk martyrdom in the name of Christ. He will instead do what Simon Peter did and renounce the Lord to preserve himself.

But true Christians, like the early Apostles, will happily go forth to spread His Gospel, and will die horrible deaths with smiles on their lips.

Eastern Europe has already been through its Time of Testing and is turning back to the Lord, as is right and just. It is the West's turn now.

As to what will happen next- who knows? I certainly don't. It could be that the West will quietly submit to Islam, thanks to the barren wombs of its women and the cowardice of its men.

But I see enough signs of a masculine, Christian-oriented revival in the West to be cautiously hopeful that this will not happen.

I wager that the West will eventually learn the same hard lessons that their cousins in the East had to digest, and will turn away from publicly embracing sinners and their sins.

And to any leftists who have managed to make it this far through their fainting spells and spontaneous rage-vomiting, let me make one thing very clear: you don't have to agree with what I write, you certainly don't have to like it.

You merely have to accept that I am far more likely to be right than you are.

Either accept the domination of Islam, in which your beloved gays are thrown off rooftops or caned and whipped in public, and suspected adulteresses are stoned to death based on nothing much more than the word of a man.

Or accept the revival of Christendom, in which the philosophy of "hate the sin, love the sinner" rules supreme, and in which sodomite degenerates are actively discouraged from practicing their perversions in public but are otherwise left alone.

Those are your choices. Your neo-paganism is not an alternative; it will not work because it cannot work, and will bring nothing but subjugation and death.


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