So you wanna be an Illuminatus?

Well in that case, you're going to need the right anthem to get into the correct frame of mind:

Thanks, yet again, to my impressively incompetent ISP, this should have been posted yesterday, but wasn't.

Anyway, the point is that, while there are many bands out there younger and possibly hungrier than GAMMA RAY- for example, the hilariously archaic STORMWARRIOR- almost none of those bands can claim the same storied and iconic status in the history of heavy metal that Kai Hansen's merry band can boast.

They've lost a step or two of late, though. Dan Zimmerman's departure from the band (and the music business in general) deprived them of one of their best songwriters as well as an incredible drummer. And then Kai Hansen (who is in many ways the entire reason why power metal even exists as a genre) stepped away from singing full-time to preserve his voice.

Their last album, Empire of the Undead, wasn't all that great either, if I'm honest. It wasn't bad- GAMMA RAY has never actually released a truly bad album- but it wasn't anything like as good as its predecessor, To the Metal!

Nevertheless, they were, and remain, one of the most important elder statesmen of the metal scene. On the metal hierarchy, they're right below IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST in terms of influence and impact.


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