Sink the "refugee" ships

Paul Joseph Watson tears apart the myth that the hordes of MOOSE LIMBS currently flooding onto Italian and Greek shores are somehow all poor benighted refugees from the Middle East and Levant, and tells the hard truth- they are RAPEFUGEES from the worldwide Free Shit Army's African divisions:

It's a good, solid piece of hard-hitting reporting, supported by facts, analysis, and deeply unpleasant but necessary doses of truth.

But it is let down right at the end by Paul's civic-nationalist inclinations.

He insists that the solution lies in prosecuting the aid agencies that are sending these barbarians over to Europe. He demands that the European Union do more to shut down the criminal cartels that are transporting these people in and turning ancient Sicilian and Greek and Cypriot towns into mirror images of Northern Africa's shit- and disease-riddled towns.

The civic nationalist's solution is admirable for its restraint and its focus on using the instruments of law and order to fix a clearly growing and severe crisis.

Unfortunately, the problem with the civic nationalist approach is that it breaks down completely when one is fighting uncivilised enemies.

The cold reality is that civilisation is merely a thin veneer of mutually agreed-upon rules and standards that we all agree to abide by, so that we may live in peace and plenty without having to hack our neighbours to death with an ax simply to ensure that our sons and daughters can be safe.

It is possible to maintain that civilisation as long as most of the participants, whether original or immigrants, agree to abide by those rules. Those who do not are swiftly and summarily punished for their deviancy. That is how things must be in order for civilisation to function properly.

But what happens when a huge number of outsiders flood the borders of a civilisation, refuse to play by those same rules, are therefore rightly ostracised by the civilised peoples who invited them over in the first place, and then insist on reacting with extreme violence to any attempts to impose civilised norms upon them?

The answer is simple: civilisation breaks down, at first gradually, then at an accelerating rate, and finally completely and catastrophically.

So, when confronted with a situation when the very rules and norms by which a civilisation abides will no longer apply, the only possible answer to the problem is to resort to decidedly uncivilised behaviour.

In this specific case, the answer is not to prosecute the aid agencies. It is not (just) to go after the criminal cartels. It is not simply to build border walls to keep the barbaroi out.

The Alt-Right's ethno-nationalist answer is far more aggressive, and yet ultimately far more humane:

Sink the refugee ships while they are still at sea.

I am perfectly well aware that the very notion will cause gastric ulcers among the civic nationalist Alt-Lite crowd. It will cause epileptic seizures and outbreaks of spontaneous rage-vomiting among the Left and the global elite, obviously. After all, how could anyone possibly condone the wholesale murder of innocent Africans at sea, when clearly all they want is a better life for themselves and their children?

Yet the results of this supposedly humane policy of letting in hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern and North African Muslims is clear to see across Europe. As we saw in Manchester just a few days ago, Britain and continental Europe have seen an Islamist attack at an average rate of once every NINE DAYS in 2017.

That rate will only increase as yet more of these barbarians are let into the borders.

And the end result of letting in those invaders will be yet more of Europe's daughters mauled and shredded into bloody chunks of meat and bone.

If that is the result of being "humane", how then can being inhumane possibly be wrong?

I have immense respect for PJW and for much of the Alt-Lite crowd, but the fact is that their arguments are failing thanks to the sheer weight of the evidence showing just how dangerously outmoded civic nationalism really is.

The hard truth remains that no matter how sophisticated, intelligent, well-educated, well-spoken, or well-traveled they may be, those who come from Third World nations to Western First World ones will not magically become Britons, Germans, Frenchmen, Scandinavians, or Americans overnight.

I am living proof of this fact, and I am so Westernised that I barely recognise my country of origin as my "home" anymore.

The policy of simply sinking the ships that bring the rapefugees into Europe is not an inhumane one. It is the only justifiable outcome.

The moment that a few of these ships are sunk, and the human trafficking cartels understand that the jig is up, the deluge of migrants will evaporate. Those cartels will see that there is no profit to be found in the trade.

The moment that the traitorous aid agencies who have helped facilitate this invasion of European lands are held to account, the moment that their senior executives are frog-marched up to a wall and shot for high treason, the problem that they have created will rapidly solve itself.

These are radical and terrible solutions, to be sure. But whether we like it or not, whether we admit it or not, we are now engaged in an existential war, where the stakes amount to nothing less than the survival or the destruction of the Western nations.

If this madness is brought to heel, then perhaps the West might have a chance to survive.

But if it continues unabated, the West will surely perish.

The European races, and all of the great good that they have done for the world (on balance), will dwindle and disappear. In their places will be left hordes of savages with neither the intellect nor the means to enhance or even maintain the magnificent legacy that they left behind.

The choice here is simple: survival at the cost of several hundred or thousand lives lost, or destruction at the cost of everything that the West and its people stand for.


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