Riding the strong horse

There has been an interesting phenomenon observed over the last few months of women with very strongly feminist leanings gradually waking up and realising that their entire worldview makes very little sense. One of the YouTubers that I follow, Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, looks at one of the more amusing cases of this "red-pilling":

That's right, chaps: apparently everyone's favourite stubby-fingered annoying unshaven squeaky-voiced green-eyed feminist, Laci Green, has taken the red pill.

Or so she says, anyway.

Whether she actually has is an entirely different story, obviously.

Similarly, it remains to be seen whether a certain young hellraiser by the name of Miley Cyrus, who has been responsible for some of the most wantonly crass displays of poor choices and bad judgement ever made by and of a woman on the public stage, has actually grown the hell up and stopped being such an idiot now that she is engaged to Liam "Baby Thor" Hemsworth.

As  BitBotB (what a dreadfully clumsy acronym) points out, this could very easily be a case of SJW entryism into the alt-Right. This is something that we must guard against with the utmost vigilance.

It must never be forgotten that the traditional conservative movement was infiltrated by unreconstructed socialists and Trotskyites, who pushed American conservatism away from its sensible roots and straight into the insanity that is "neoconservatism", which is really nothing more than a tarted-up, supposedly conservative, socialism that wants war, deficits, and a muscular overseas empire.

Such a philosophy is nothing less than madness because it is not rooted in any sort of clear understanding of human nature, but, like socialism itself, is instead built on Utopian fantasies of what the world should be like, rather than what it actually is.

If the alt-Right is not exceedingly careful to root out and destroy the entryists in our midst, we will suffer the same fate as the Tea Party, as the old pre-Buckley conservatives, as any other traditionalist movement that has met with the Left.

Never, ever forget O'Sullivan's First Law: Any institution that is not explicitly right-wing will become left-wing over time.

With all of that being said- I am actually not all that surprised by the fact that some of the most noxious young feminists that we know are beginning to wake up. Nor am I particularly concerned that this is potentially an entryist attempt to infiltrate and subsume the alt-Right.

I say this for four reasons.

First, as a woman gets past her "stupid stage" from her late teens to her mid-twenties, she does begin to think that perhaps there is more to life than drinking, partying, screwing, and working. Most modern American women don't handle this transition particularly well and insist on carrying on with their stupid stage well into their late twenties and early thirties- but some do figure it out and start calming down.

This is a natural function of female biology. The fact is that women naturally want to become mothers- it is hard-wired into their genetics at every bit as fundamental a level as the desire for sexual variety is hard-wired into male genetics.

In a war between biology and ideology, biology ALWAYS wins. It simply takes a while to do so, and in the process many generations of women (and men) end up suffering terribly as a result.

Second, the presence of strong and masculine men in the presence of the lives of such silly women does tend to have a stabilising effect. Men who will not tolerate nonsense and blow through the shit tests that women throw at them tend cause such women to follow their own innate biological desires to submit to strong men, and fall in line.

The problem is that the number of strong men has declined significantly over the last few decades. It is difficult to find such men if they have not themselves been "red-pilled" to at least some degree and through some method.

That, however, is changing. Where once the number of "awakened" men- whether you call them "red-pilled", "neomasculine", "alt-Right", or whatever- seemed to be waning in the face of a relentless Leftist onslaught that sought to eradicate any possible opposition, today we are one of the fastest-growing movements anywhere.

This is not accidental. It is happening because more and more Millennial and Gen-X men are realising that just about everything we were taught about the world, and about our place in it, was WRONG. The cognitive dissonance between what we were told and what we see reached the breaking point long ago.

We are growing because we offer aggressive solutions that jive well with actual male instincts, while other superficially similar philosophies do not. For example, the MGTOW movement, for all of its considerable merits- and they are many- is ultimately a call for outright surrender, for it basically argues that "ghosting" is the rational and just solution for a world gone insane. While there is much truth to this, the plain fact is that wars are not won by surrendering when the going gets brutally hard.

Today, the alt-Right is persuading men around the world through force of reason, logic, and evidence that a better world, where men are once again firmly ensconced in our natural roles as leaders and builders and warriors, is possible.

Which leads us to the third point:

We are seeing a global resurgence of nationalism and of patriotism. And with that comes a renewed embrace of the very masculine traditions and values that make a nation what it is.

We observe this with even the most woolly-headed and muddled of institutions, the Church of England, which for all of its absurd centrism and anxious insistence on staying out of people's lives, is now experiencing a very nascent and tepid revival, of sorts.

We see this after the ascension of the God-Emperor, for as Trump-Muad'dib has taken over the Cherry Blossom Throne, the sheer ugliness and stupidity of modern feminists has begun to drive more sensible women away from that lunatic creed and back to somewhat more traditional roles.

This is happening because women instinctively gravitate toward strength and power. That is what attracts them whether they like it or not.

In the Arab world there is a saying about the "strong horse", which basically says that people instinctively align themselves with strength, power, and the capacity for, or at least the threat of, violence.

And whether women admit or not, whether they like it or not, they align themselves with strength and power.

Which brings me to my fourth reason for not fearing, at least not too greatly, the possibility of SJW entryism into the alt-Right.

Our philosophy is at its core a realistic, pragmatic, deeply hard-nosed one. The alt-Right doesn't care what you think of us, we aren't interested in embracing nonsensical principles that do not jive with the basic realities of human nature, and we embrace both science and faith. We are explicitly right-wing by both design and construction.

As a result, we automatically repel most SJWs, who absolutely cannot stand us- we are the holy water and crucifix to their vampires.

While we cannot relax in our watchfulness against entryists, we also should not be so rigidly dogmatic as to refuse sanctuary and welcome to those who recant their previous stupidities and show clear signs of maturation, borne out through deeds as well as words.

We also stand for the masculine virtues of strength, courage, mastery, and honour. We encourage men who join our philosophy to be uncompromising in their drive for self-improvement; we demand excellence from our leaders and our followers alike; we do not accept failure, stupidity, or excuses.

Our philosophy is quite simply one of strength.

And inevitably, women are finding themselves drawn to such a philosophy because, at its core, it makes some kind of sense in a world that is rapidly going mad.

Women will instinctively ride the strong horse- or get ridden by it, ifyaknowhatImean. The alt-Right is emerging very clearly as a source of strength, calm, order, and rationality.

Our arguments are winning. Our ideas are winning. Our leaders are winning.

So I ask you, my friends, yet again- ARE YOU TIRED OF WINNING YET?


  1. Eduardo the Magnificent14 May 2017 at 20:36

    As always, judge these women by their actions, not their words. If Laci Green or Miley wifey-up to a man they obey, pop out a couple brats and homeschool them, then I'll consider them cured. Anything short of that, ignore them.

    1. Eduardo the Magnificent14 May 2017 at 21:41

      And you know, that applies to this Blonde girl and Lauren Southern as well. Southern is a great troll, but she's not marriage material. Not by a long shot. Blonde looks like she's wall-aged, and no husband or children that I can see. These are not the women we need giving a voice to anything. By their deeds they shall be known...


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