Mother's Day

Mother and Child by Albert Edelfelt

Since I write from a very masculine and traditionalist point of view, and since most of my audience is American, I would be pretty surprised to find very many (if any) female readers of my work. I know that one or two existed once upon a time, but if any are around these days, they don't comment often (if at all).

I do not doubt that my unfair, unbalanced, and thoroughly unmedicated opinions tend to be more than a little off-putting to most urbanised American women. I make no apologies for that fact- I am who I am, and I write to find Truth, not to make people feel better about themselves.

Nonetheless, this one is for the ladies- especially the mothers.

The women who have chosen to become wives and mothers are more valuable to society than all of their sisters, who have chosen to ignore their natural biological inclinations and urges, and have fallen prey to the siren song of feminism instead, put together.

Women who value their careers and their endless lists of lovers and boyfriends and flings over the stability and happiness that comes with settling down, pair-bonding with a good man, and bearing his children, have done themselves and their civilisation a terrible disservice.

But the women who have borne children, and who are raising them up to become strong, honourable men and good, feminine women, are critical to the future of Western civilisation.

Cultures are only as strong as their people. A weak and pathetic culture, which is what the West has become, is the direct result of a spiritually diseased and wavering people.

We, as men, have a God-given duty to uphold and defend that civilisation, to be sure. We must do all that we can to answer that call. But the hard reality is that we men are expendable. Civilisation depends on us to build and maintain it- but it cannot grow because of us.

Civilisation can only grow if there are future generations to carry on its legacy.

And those future generations can only come from women.

Those women are not expendable. They are precious- but only if they themselves recognise this fact and make their choices accordingly.

Men are expendable- but women are perishable. Their single greatest attribute is their ability to conceive, bear, and give birth to new human life. This is something that men CANNOT do- and a good thing too. (I find the very idea of a man being able to "conceive" and "give birth" to be an abomination.)

But that single most valuable of all attributes comes with a very real price. It has an expiration date, and any woman foolish enough to ignore this is simply asking for trouble later in her life.

Note that when I write that women are "precious", I do NOT mean that they should be treated like diamond snowflakes and princesses- that is ridiculous, and the confusion over the precise meaning of the preciousness of women has resulted in the most coddled and narcissistic generation of women ever seen in human history screwing around with random men, popping pills at unprecedented rates, denying their own femininity, and becoming grotesque parodies of womanhood. This generation of women is leading us directly to the fall of Western civilisation.

Fortunately there are women out there who have made what seems to be the hard choice, but is in reality the best choice. They have chosen to become wives and mothers, and in so doing have done what is, ultimately, both right and necessary.

This post is dedicated to those women.

It is dedicated to my own mother, who is only truly happy when her entire family is at home so that she can spoil us all rotten.

It is dedicated to my female acquaintances from college and my earlier working life, who got married and bore children and who have never been happier.

One Ukrainian girl that I knew in college was all over the place back then and had a tough time figuring out what she wanted in life. Then she moved to Greece, got married, and gave birth to her son a few years ago. She has matured greatly in the intervening years, much to my delight.

Another girl that I met in my Master's program got married after a few unhappy years of working at various investment banks to a chap that she met at her last job in Japan. She moved back with him to the US, they got married, and now she is in Singapore with twin boys. She was always a joy to be around, but ever since I reconnected with her after she got married and became a mum, she had really grown and matured as a person. Those last few times that I saw her before she moved were some of the happiest memories of her that I have.

A third woman that I met at my current job was someone with whom I had a superb working relationship because of our shared dedication to solving knotty problems. She left work for a year in 2014, gave birth to her son, and came back for six months- before her family moved back to her husband's hometown, where she gave birth to her daughter. I went down to visit her back in late March, and she has never looked better or sounded happier.

All of these women gave up significant parts of their careers, or simply gave up working entirely, so that they could focus on being good wives and good mothers.

And that has made them happy and fulfilled. Not their jobs, not their work, but their families.

Every time I see them I walk away with a smile on my face and joy in my heart- because they are happy in their natural roles as women.

By contrast, the unhappiest women that I have ever known are in their mid-thirties and childless, watching as their female friends and co-workers pair-bond with men, get married (or at least start some sort of long-term relationship), conceive, and give birth to children.

They are unhappy because they are refusing to follow the dictates of their own biology. It is natural and right for a woman to want to become a mother.

Not all women are well-suited to motherhood, obviously. And single-motherhood ought to be as shameful today as it once was an hundred years ago- if only we'd stop subsidising it through government largesse, it would likely go away of its own accord, and all of the societal evils that it brings with it would disappear as well.

Nonetheless, it remains true and women are always happiest when we embrace our natural roles. For men, we naturally fall into the role of provider, protector, and patriarch. For women, they naturally fall into the role of nurturer, caretaker, and matriarch. We are at our best when complement each other, not when we compete with each other.

On Mother's Day, let us take a moment to acknowledge those women who have done what their innate natures have always told them is right and good.

For this, I applaud them- as do ALL Men of the West.


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