Cinco de Milo

It would appear that, despite the dyscivic Left's very best attempts to take him down and destroy him, the bitch is indeed back:

Milo is not everyone's cup of tea. I sure as hell don't agree with or support his gayer-than-springtime lifestyle; I view homosexuality, particularly of the male kind, as deeply unnatural and quite disgusting.

But there is no getting past the fact that he is a highly effective culture warrior.

The Left thought that they had won when they tried to take him down. For a while there, it looked like they had succeeded and that he would be consigned to the ash-heap of the Right's many, many failures in its (so far) losing war to preserve the cultural heritage of the West.

They were wrong. He is back, and he appears to be in no mood to spare the petty feelings of others. And now he is marching right up to their very doorstep.

That is how a war for the culture should be fought. The Left has done a superb job for decades now of pushing its point of view into people's faces; as a result, what was revolting and unacceptable just a few years ago is now considered normal and justified. That is how we have ended up with such abominations and perversions of natural law as gay "marriage", the whole "transgender" movement, and the entire ideology of social justice as governing philosophy.

They have managed to do this not by writing long pontificating thoughtful articles, or by insisting on fighting honourably on the battlefield of ideas, but by actually getting out there and pushing themselves into people's faces.

But the fightback has clearly begun, and Milo and others appear to be in no mood to give up anytime soon.

This is glorious news for the rest of us.

However, Milo and his friends are going to need help at Berkeley. There is no doubt that they are going to meet with serious, and violent, opposition from the Antifags and their allies the moment that they set foot on the Berkeley campus.

If you are in the neighbourhood, I urge you to stand with them. If you do decide to go a-shitlording, do remember Dire Badger's superb fashion advice for shitlords.

If you go, remember a few things:

NEVER initiate violence. You are there to protect our friends and allies, to listen to different points of view, and to enjoy the great blessing of the God-given right to freedom of expression.

Start nothing. Finish everything. If someone wearing a face-mask and a black shirt attacks you, all bets are off. Give him (or her) every possible reason to regret the very day he (or she) was born.

Do not give the law enforcement officers present any reason to consider you a threat. Leave your weapons at home, but armour up and be ready for violence.

Remember that the police are untrustworthy at best these days; they may intervene to protect you, but they also may not- and I would bet on the latter. They are, at best, amenable authorities who might arrest a bunch of rioting assholes because they're breaking shit and being obnoxious- but they might just as easily be ordered to stand down and not lift a finger to protect you even if you do absolutely nothing to provoke anyone.

And if, by chance, the Dangerous Faggot and his free speech tour decide to come to the northeast, I will do my best to show up and stand with my Alt-Right brethren.

The fact is that wars are not won by talking about them, posting about them, tweeting about them, or taking photographs of them. Wars are won by those who show up to fight them.

For far too long, the dyscivic Left has been doing precisely that. Now that the Alt-Right has begun to take the field, we may yet live to see the coming of the tide.


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