The Eighties are back

And if BATTLE BEAST has anything to say about the subject, they're bloody well here to stay:

These guys opened for SABATON on Friday night, and I have to say, they were BADASS.

Normally, any band that hits the stage before SABATON is going to be in for a rather muted reception from the fans. Fact is, very few bands can come anywhere close to matching those lovable buttheads for sheer fun on stage. We fans certainly play our part; it's considered de rigeur at a SABATON concert to chant their names at the end of every single song, and the band loves its fans every bit as much as we love them.

But BATTLE BEAST put on an unusually energetic performance with plenty of red meat in the form of great hooks, great riffs, and silly lyrics. They did a great job warming up the crowd and they sure as hell convinced me that they could someday draw decent audiences all on their own. They may never be as good as AMON AMARTH or SABATON, but they're not bad at all.

I've been a fan of theirs ever since I heard their second, eponymous, album- which is very solid from start to finish. Unfortunately, their third album, Unholy Savior, was nowhere near as good, packed as it was with quite a lot of boring filler.

And when they released the first single off of their fourth album, Bringer of Pain... well, I rather took exception to it. You see, it was a straight-up mockery of His Divine Majesty, the God-Emperor of Mankind, Donaldus Triumphus himself.

Being, as I am, a deplorable and a shitlord who quite happily endorses large parts of the God-Emperor's Great Crusade, that kind of pissed me off.

Fortunately, if you can bring yourself to ignore the STUPID lyrics, it's actually a pretty good song.

More to the point, BATTLE BEAST is a timely reminder that not all cheesy 80s-influenced power/hair metal is completely stupid and useless. Some of it is actually just very good fun to listen to.


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