Paying for the cow

For several years now I have been predicting that the moment that reasonably realistic sexbots become commonplace and overcome the "uncanny valley" issue that has thus far prevented their adoption, we will see the single biggest shift in power seen since the sexual revolution of the 1960s.

This is not my original insight- Roissy (or Heartiste, as he and his crew prefer to be called now) was predicting the exact same thing at least a decade ago. Blackdragon said similar things at least six years ago. So have any number of reasonably well-informed examiners of data and evidence.

There is nothing particularly brilliant or inspirational in such an insight; it is simply a recognition of some basic facts of human (and especially male) nature and biology.

However, my analysis of the subject was based on the implicit assumption that the widespread adoption of sexbots was still at least a decade away. At the time that I wrote my first article on the subject, back in 2014, I had expected that the first truly realistic, truly user-friendly and affordable sex robots would not be available for mass usage until probably about 2025.

Recent evidence proves that this estimate, and the analysis and conclusions that I had therefore based upon it, was badly wrong. Reasonably realistic sexbots are here, NOW, today.

They may not yet be fit for mass production and consumption, but even so they are immediately starting to have a very clear, very noticeable impact upon the sexual market place- starting with the single best possible testing ground for sexbots:

I say that this is the best possible testing ground because the prostitution market literally puts a price on sex (by definition).

The transaction between a prostitute and a john is sex reduced down to its most bare and honest form: a woman gives a man access to her genitals in exchange for monetary and material reward. That this is ultimately a bleak and rather soul-deadening transaction is beside the point; there is no faster way to establish a woman's sexual market value than by literally putting herself on the market.

(A note to the knuckleheads, SJWs, and perpetually offended: not that I give the minutest quantum of a damn what you think, but this DOES NOT mean that I think that women should put themselves on sale. Nor do I think that men should use prostitutes, even though I have no particular problem with prostitution itself. Dipshits.)

The market for prostitutes is probably one of the best candidates for "lab experiments" in economics that you will ever find. It has clear producers and consumers. Price points, monopolistic tendencies, government over-regulation, externalities, competitive advantages, the existence of black and parallel markets- it's all right there, and it's all quite fascinating.

And what is fascinating about the introduction of sexbots into this, the oldest marketplace known to Mankind, is that they have immediately shown that they can compete, and win, against established players.

In any other market, sexbots would be called a "disruptive technology".

The reactions of "legacy producers" to these sexbots are also perfectly in line with what has been observed in other industries that have been subjected to severe technological disruption: panic, hysteria, calls for government regulation to establish high barriers to entry, the lot.

And every last bit of it was predicted by men like us, years in advance.

This is just a taste of what is to come. Sexbots have already proven in a specialised and relatively isolated market exactly how well they can out-compete actual human women. And soon, they are going to do the exact same thing in the wider world.

I have no idea when that will happen- and given how badly wrong I was with my original prediction about when sexbots would become viable competitive substitutes, at least for purely sexual needs, any time-based predictions that I have to make on the subject probably shouldn't be taken very seriously.

However, I can make one prediction that should be taken with the utmost seriousness: women are facing the single biggest and most devastating threat to their power in the entire history of the existence of our race.

We men might rail and rage against the power of the almighty V. But it is foolish to be angry at the truth. Indeed, one can reasonably argue that all of human history can be reduced down to two things: sex and death.

Men have built mighty empires, slaughtered millions of innocents, smashed their foes into dust, raised up magnificent sculptures, painted stunning works of art, and created amazing buildings, for two very fundamental, largely intermingled, reasons.

First, power and wealth give men sexual access to just about any woman they desire. That is the leverage that women hold over us, and it is astonishingly powerful.

Second, men seek immortality, an escape from the ultimate judgement of death. We can do this by making sure that our names live down through the ages- and by continuing our genetic line, through our children.

In either case, we need women. We always have. And women know it.

But very soon, that power balance will shift, radically.

And women should be absolutely bloody terrified of this fact.

Think about it. How many modern Western men would want to go through the effort, expense, and frankly, pain of dating a STRAWN EMPOWAHHHD WIMMENZ today in exchange for the low probability of achieving sexual access to her, when the alternative is an always-ready, always-lubed, never bitchy, never moody, always compliant, and perpetually beautiful substitute for the real thing?

A sexbot cannot bleed once a month. It cannot conceive a child- which means that it cannot divorce-rape your ass in court and stick you with an 18-year bill for child support. It cannot divorce you, full stop. It only needs servicing and occasional maintenance, not half a department store's worth of shoes, handbags, and jewelry.

When the choice is between that, and THIS:

... then women should not be surprised that they will lose just about all power over men.

The woman in the second video is of the kind that most men reading this have had the misfortune of dealing with at least once in their lives. She is whiny, bitchy, entitled, extremely unpleasant, and astonishingly painful to be around- yet she thinks that she is a great catch.

The moment that men are able to purchase love-bots that are far better looking than that, though, is the moment that a woman like her will see her entire sexual value evaporate in an instant.

The societal consequences for this are likely to be catastrophic, which is one of the reasons why my thinking on the subject of sexbots has changed somewhat over the years. Originally, I had argued strongly in favour of their introduction into the wider marketplace.

Today, while I still have no problems with their production and usage, I know full well that their introduction will likely send human fertility rates, already perilously low across most of the developed world, into free-fall.

The consequences of this for the human race in general will almost surely be disastrous.

But this is a discussion for another day. For now, men should be cautiously optimistic. The day will come when they won't even have to bother putting in all that much work to milk the cow; they can simply pay a heavily discounted price to have one right there at home, without all of the drama, neediness, princess mentality, and irritation of the full-price heifer.


  1. I just wish there was a way to withold them until we have developed an artificial womb and a decent ai/robotic system to make them seem more alive.

    At that point, women's only value will be as egg donors and financial support, perhaps finally allowing them to understand what role men have played throughout history.

  2. I don't think heavy use of the tech will happen until AI & robotics get into the mix. AI doesn't have to be complex, just needs to control the robotic systems controlling the body so that the gap between the human experience and the synthetic one is small. Certainly lower tier men will adopt this sooner, but once AI and robotics are in play, I do worry what will happen once the use is somehow normalized through culture, similar to how porn is now everywhere and is no longer confined to the seedy store just outside of town.

    And then there will be VI and body suits around the same time. So robot prostitutes and VI Interactive porn or telesex with strangers online.

    Granted none of this will show up if the Globalists or Islamists win. But if they lose, then we'll be facing this. The only thing that would save society is a revival of Christianity and Christian morals and ethics. It would keep the wheel of civilization turning but these techs would still disrupt marital life just like porn does today.

    The future may require a fascist system, as most people will struggle to control themselves with this stuff.


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