Liberty or death

Seeing as how it's tax season yet again, I figured it might be useful to remind everyone exactly why America fought a war of independence against the Motherland.

Americans fought against taxation without representation. (Yes, I know, there was rather more to it than that- I'm about the last person that needs a lecture on American history.) They won, forcing the British to surrender at Yorktown and winning for themselves a country of their very own.

And in exchange for that monumental victory, their descendants got... taxation WITH representation.

Boy, what a booby prize that has turned out to be.

Every year, the day on which Americans finally stop working to pay for their government, and start working to pay for themselves, gets farther out in the calendar year. There is a term for this momentous day: Tax Freedom Day.

An hundred years ago, that day was sometime in mid-January and the total tax burden upon the entirety of American society was barely 5% of their total income.

That was toward the tail end of the Guilded Age and right about the time when America finally abandoned its original founding ideals, pretty much for good, in favour of a particularly noxious form of progressivism that advocated for intervention, taxation, war, and mob-rule.

Today, Tax Freedom Day falls at the end of April and the total tax burden upon the country is over thirty percent of everything that its people make.

And in exchange for... what, exactly? More foreign wars? Ever more gluttonous government? Crumbling infrastructure? Shitty public education and even shittier universities? The madness of feminism and cultural Marxism hammered straight into the skulls of the American people via the idiot box and assorted media? A government that spies on and assassinates its own people at will?

This is not a healthy society. This is merely the crumbling, decaying, shambling corpse of what was once the greatest nation on Earth, founded in liberty with potential that nobody truly understood even at its Founding.

If the choices are between chains and slavery under the shackles of an oppressive government, or the chance at freedom even at the cost of death, the free-thinking man really has no choice at all. He must embrace freedom, even if it costs him everything- because freedom is the greatest and most priceless of all things in this life, and sometimes its cost is life itself.

"Ultimate cost for perfect value- yin and yang, opposite and equal".

Men of the West understand that there can ultimately only be one way forward if we are to govern ourselves again, as was envisioned by the Founding Fathers. The cry must be, once more, for liberty and victory.

The alternative is to sentence our people and our culture to decay and darkness. And that we will not accept.

Cast off your shackles. Stop pretending that being enslaved to government and its poisonous ideology is right and just. Stop supporting the madness of feminism. Reclaim your masculine identity. Believe once more that the Almighty is real, that He has faith in us, and that He intends to save His Creation.

You will not achieve freedom quickly, easily, or painlessly. This road requires terrible sacrifices and you may well spend years attempting to free yourself. You will meet extreme hardships along the way. You will encounter doubt and fear and misery and torment. You will find yourself alone and afraid, outnumbered and outgunned.

Yet this road, once chosen, holds its own rewards. And in the end, it is the only road worth traveling.

The Alt-Right stands ready to embrace the future. Will you join us?


  1. It's weird that in a show like "Sleepy Hollow" which even by the end of the first episode went to crap like most of TV these days, there was a moment where our hero from the past looks at the sales tax on his breakfast in shock - "we went to war over half of this!"


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