In which I am greatly upset

Our good friend- or should I say, former friend?- Adam Piggott, the Gentleman Adventurer, decided to pull a Marc Antony and bury Caesar instead of praising him (by way of blatantly ripping off borrowing liberally from Don Rickles):
Dear friends, dear deplorables, I say this from the bottom of my heart – I’ve never liked any of you. It’s all just been a fake. Here you sit, on your internet sites, thinking that the world gives a damn, when in fact all your hits come from spotty teenage boys in mainland China. That’s why you don’t sell any of your crappy books. 
Cappy, I say this with great feeling – it’s over. Nobody ever liked you. Nobody. Maybe that Davis guy once, but he’s now in the corner singing mau-mau songs and smelling his guns. You’re getting old. Look at you. The hair, the beard, if that’s what you call it. All of your videos are terrible. Really they are. We just said we liked them to make you feel better. But we know you went to college. Look around, Aaron. There’s not a friend here who loves you. But Aaron’s having a fine time. He’s never had so much money; ask his girlfriend. 
And Vox. You’re living there in Italy; who do you think you are, George Clooney? Not with that hair. You’re making a fool of yourself, you’re going nowhere. I have a message for you, Vox – Marco Mangananzo was hurt; Fambino Bombazo, two bullets in the head Thursday. Vox Day is one of the greatest editors in the business. Just ask him, he’ll tell you. He’ll tell anyone. I say that and all of his vile faceless minions are there and they’re saying, “Is that okay, Vox? Can we laugh at that?”
Oh, but it gets better. Even your 'umble servant got a mention:
There’s Didact. What sort of name is that, anyway? Did you find it off a box of Cheerios? Look at you with all the flies hanging around you. Here’s some mud – finish your hut. But we like having Didact around. I mean, who else would we get to taste our soup?
Ouch, man. You see what I have to deal with here?

How upsetting. How very, very upsetting indeed. Can you not see how upset I am?

I mentioned that I'm upset, right?

I get no respect, dude. I plug a guy's book and he turns around and plugs me right back- in the face!

Speaking of plugging, Adam released a new book back in September 2016, which I only just got around to reading because, well, I'm busy. And- surprise!- it's pretty good.

This book is a direct sequel to his first book, Pushing Rubber Downhill, and it shows a distinct and direct progression in both writing and style.

Whereas his previous book focused heavily on the crazy antics that he and his friends got up to as rafting guides in Africa, this one starts with an older, wiser, but not at all wealthier young Adam Piggott attempting to make some cash and find a stable job working as a river raft guide in the Italian Alps.

More than that, though, you get to see Adam's increasingly mature outlook on the world, and you get to understand how he went from the callow untested youth that he was to the upstanding gentleman that he is today, with zero tolerance for bullshit and even less for stupidity.

Mixed in with all of the usual hilarity, drinking stories, unabashed drug use, and other debauchery, are serious points made about the bonds of brotherhood between men, the nature of women, the degeneration of society, and the importance of finding a balance between living to work and working to live.

The book ends on a rather high note, coming full circle from its beginning (which, unsurprisingly, concerns a young lady).

The part of his story that is missing, though, is about how Adam went from being a wild-eyed party-animal river guide to the righteous man of manly manliness, father, husband, and gentleman that he is today. That part is, I suspect, yet to come in Adam's next book, and should prove to be a most interesting read.

The only thing that annoyed me about the book was the editing- more specifically, the layout. While the book does not contain any real spelling or grammatical errors, there are quite a lot of very annoying line breaks.

It looks rather like
this exact sentence that you're reading right now.

And it happens constantly throughout the book. I've no idea why, but it doesn't look great.

That irritant aside, if you're looking for a good read about a young man's adventures that contains a deeper and more important message, then this is your book right here. It rather helps that the bloke who wrote it is very much a Man of the West, and very much one of us.

And yes, in case anyone is still wondering- he was taking the piss, so if you didn't get that, you might want to look into buying a sense of humour.

Adam is a terrific guy, a great writer, and an all-round righteous dude. His blog and guest posts for Men of the West should be on your daily reading list.


  1. Eduardo the Magnificent9 April 2017 at 21:08

    I laughed my ass off when I saw that post, before I even knew it was an homage to Rickles (RIP). The manosphere has a tendency to circle-jerk a little too much (why not? We all agree on the same basic stuff). It's nice to see some good-natured ribbing amongst men once in a while. This would never happen in feminist circles.

  2. Didact, thanks for the review. I sent you an email, don't know if you got it.

    1. I did indeed, I'll get back to you shortly. Sorry for the delay, just been very busy with work and other things.


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