Always observe proper form

Our friendly neighbourhood Gentleman Adventurer had a rather good point to make about the fact that, if women don't want to get face-fisted, then they need to learn how take on a little personal responsibility:

Growing up as boys we were taught not to hit girls, but the young ladies were also taught not to be silly and to avoid what was then known as shady situations. Of course, today if you suggest to a member of the wymens brigade that staggering drunk down a dark alley late at night might not be a good idea, you will be labelled as a hateful oppressor of her feminine somethings. I know, it doesn’t make much sense to me either, but hey, feminists.

This is true. If girls don't want to end up with a fist in their physog, they shouldn't make bold claims about wanting to collect 100 Nazi scalps, dress up in all-black antifag uniforms, and attempt to merrily riot in front of shitlords who aren't going to retreat.

As for the, er, "woman" in question- and I use the term very loosely- I have not one iota of sympathy for her.

She made the mistake that leftists the world over have been making for some time now. She assumed that MUH PATRIARKEEEE wouldn't fight back- because, until fairly recently, we didn't.

But now, we are fighting back. We have shown that we will stand our ground. And the antifags are shitting bricks because they are realising that their single most powerful weapon against us- the swarm attack- doesn't work that well once you run into a few people who don't mind a little roughhousing once in a while.

If she didn't want to get punched, she shouldn't have become violent in a crowd. The same applies for the rest of her crew.

With all of that being said, I do have to highlight one small issue that Adam raised with respect to the particular shitlord who threw the punch heard 'round the world:

Now obviously, I don't object in the slightest to the fact that this fine upstanding gentleman threw a punch at someone who thoroughly deserved it.

No, my problem is with his form.

Look at what happens when he makes contact. Chin up, wrist bent somewhat, impact with the two small knuckles of his fist, and not really a whole lot of force transferred through.

Put simply, that is not how a shitlord should punch. If you're going to punch someone, punch like you mean it.

So, as a service to my fellows, let me direct you to someone who can show you how you should punch:

In case you're wondering- the two brown belts in that video have since moved on to become black belts. I witnessed the older one's test. The younger of the two, who looks like a really hairy little kid there, is now a 2nd Dan black belt- I was a witness to that test too- with two titles in an amateur fighting championship circuit, and will eventually make his pro MMA debut sometime this year once he heals up from a couple of injuries.

And the master instructor? He was a 5th-Dan black belt when that video was shot, and that was actually a huge underestimation of his true ranking and his impact on martial arts. He's now the Grandmaster of his school, which is the equivalent of a 10th-Dan ranking in any art you care to name.

Anyway, the point is that if you really want to put the hurt on an SJW, you need to do it right.

And if you're going to throw a cross straight at someone's chin- man or woman- make sure you put your entire hip into it. That is where the power comes from, and that is what really hurts when you make impact.

The cross is a power-punch. It doesn't matter whether you stand orthodox or southpaw, the cross is designed to inflict real damage after range is found with the jab. So use that punch properly.

Keep your chin down, keep your wrist locked, rotate your fist when it makes contact, pivot through by leading with your hip, and always make sure that your right shoulder and left hand are used to protect your own face. 

Follow these simple rules when punching hipsters, and I promise that you will reach epic new heights of shitlord mastery. You're welcome.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering- no, I do not advocate unprovoked attacks on women. Such things are dishonourable in the extreme. Personally, I find the thought of striking women to be distasteful, to say the very least.

However, if a woman attacks you- all bets are off.

She decided to attack. She waived all rights to protection the moment that she made that decision. She insisted on acting like a man instead of attempting to defuse the situation.

Your first responsibility is to protect yourself. I don't care how much of a mangina you are- all of your silly soft pathetic illusions about how women are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice will go straight out the window the moment you get punched in the face.

At that point, your first priority- your only priority!- is to survive.

And if that means that you have to beat down a woman who is half your size and with a third of your strength, just so that she stops attacking you, then so be it.

Survive now. Worry about the legal ramifications later. White-knighting isn't going to help you one bit if you end up in the hospital- or worse. And it's really not going to help you when the rest of the world points at you and laughs like a giant swirling drain at how you got your ass beat by a girl.


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