Well imagine my shock!

It would appear that our friends over at Tor Books are outraged- OUTRAGED, I tell you!!!- at the thought of some jumped-up johnnies from Finland and Italy jumping up and down all over their jumped-up Johnny's latest magnum non-opus:
We just received an email from Amazon informing us that the title, cover, and author of THE CORRODING EMPIRE were "misleading". This is rather amusing, of course, considering that Tor Books and John Scalzi have devoted an entire career to ripping off everyone from Heinlein to Star Trek. 
In any event, we will have CORROSION by Harry Seldon, complete with a new cover, back up soon. It's not like we aren't in the habit of anticipating enemy action, after all. 
Sadly for Tor Books, there will be no similarly easy fix for the disaster that is THE COLLAPSING EMPIRE.
As usual, the SJWs saw something that they didn't like, and instead of coming up with something better in response, they appealed to an amenable authority and used the power of that appeal to silence and suppress whatever they perceived to be a threat.

This is, after all, exactly how SJWs think and act. The Supreme Dark Overlord of our movement documented it all in very precise detail. It's not like this sort of behaviour is news; it's simply a question of how fast and how violently SJWs will react to something that upsets them.

Unfortunately, in this specific case, the Torlings didn't act quite fast enough.

Looking at my Amazon digital orders as of about 4pm EST yesterday, for instance, I could see that my original pre-order for The Corroding Empire, by Johan Kalsi (clever wordplay, that), had in fact been fulfilled, with the original cover and all.

Now I am sure that at some point or another Amazon will strip out and replace my copy with Corrosion instead. They've done it before with previous Castalia House releases. That is precisely what happened back when Vox Day released Quantum Mortis: The Programmed Mind, a direct remix of Jeff Sutton's original book, The Programmed Man. He decided about six months later that he never particularly liked the cover art and layout and a number of other aesthetic things, and had the Kindle downloads replaced wholesale with the excellent short novel that we know of today as Quantum Mortis: A Mind Programmed.

And all of that was done without changing one single word of the actual text.

So I am not particularly concerned for those who, like me, have pre-ordered The Corroding Empire Corrosion by Johan Kalsi Harry Seldon.

And now that I've actually started reading the book, I have to say, it does do a pretty good job of ripping off Isaac Asimov's Foundation series in the same way that John Scalzi has spent much of his career blatantly ripping off Robert A. Heinlein and Star Trek. Except that this book rips off its source material with, as the French say, a certain... I don't know what.

Elan, maybe?

Hell, I'd settle at this point merely for competence, instead of SOOPER SEEKRIT gummint agents holding conversations with ship officers while banging a clear pastiche of Wesley Crusher, or expendable crew members offering each other blow-jobs in exchange for... I'm actually not sure exactly what, but I am quite certain that I really don't want to know.

As I have said before, the reason we will win the culture war is not just because we are smarter*, better looking, more competent, more numerous, or more sensible.

It is because we have far better ideas and we execute them better than our opponents do- even when we're barely trying.

*It needs to be noted here that many SJWs are, in terms of raw intelligence, actually quite bright. However, as my father taught me many years ago, there is a huge difference between being bright, and being smart. One can be plenty bright and yet still not have the sense that God gave a honey badger- which is to say, one could be an SJW with multiple degrees in MUH OPPRESSIONS, but still have not the first clue how to actually create or build anything useful.


  1. Yeah, I saw this. My first thought was "I need to get in another pallet of popcorn" heh


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