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Apparently a bunch of very silly female vegetarians (Lord, forgive us our redundancies) have gotten it into their heads that they need to teach those horrible, terrible, no good, very bad Cubans not to eat meat:
The animal advocacy organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has dispatched a troupe of “lettuce ladies” – scantily-clad vegan women wearing bikinis made out of lettuce – to Havana to lecture impoverished Cubans against eating meat. 

Due to decades of oppressive communist rule, Cubans unconnected to the Communist Party have little, if any, access to meat staples like beef, chicken, and pork, making Cuba a baffling choice for PETA to expand its advocacy in. 

The “lettuce ladies” arrived in Havana on Tuesday and plan to hand out vegan recipe books, veterinary supplies, and exacerbate Havana’s stray dog problem by distributing dog treats. The advocates will target tourists in the areas of Havana off-limits to Cubans – Cuba maintains an apartheid system in Havana to limit tourists’ exposure to non-Party-approved Cuban nationals – with $1,000 in supplies which also include vegetable themed pens and informational booklets. 

“We’ve taken this campaign around the world and we absolutely wanted to take it to Cuba,” PETA spokeswoman Ashley Byrne told the Miami Herald. Byrne described the “lettuce ladies” as a “fun way to teach about going vegan” and insisted that PETA had not “discussed our plans with the Cuban government.” 

It had been more than 50 years since a U.S. airline last flew to Cuba’s capital, and for the first time ever, two Lettuce Ladies —carrying green suitcases that proclaim, ‘Vegan Ambassador to Cuba,’ and wearing little more than strategically placed lettuce leaves — were on board,” PETA announced on its website on Tuesday. “Their mission? To encourage new friends on the island to help animals by going vegan.” 

PETA has attempted to engage the island nation before, publishing guides for tourists on how to eat vegan while staying in Cuba. Vegans do not eat meat and abstain from consuming any food made with animal products, including dairy and eggs. The PETA guide to eating vegan in Cuba places emphasis on what the organization appears to believe is common Cuban cuisine: plantains, rice and beans, tubers like yuca and malanga. While staples of Cuban cuisine in the U.S. exile community, where basic foods are readily available, Cubans on the island struggle to feed themselves properly against crippling poverty and an increasingly stringent rationing system.
I know, I know, how stupid, how tone-deaf, how utterly blindingly retarded, can liberals be, but we must remember that there are many idiots in this world and that God loves them all despite their clear mental handicaps.

It also needs to be said that not every vegan is a completely annoying prat who feels the urgent compulsion to remind you every thirty seconds that he (more likely she) is, in fact, vegan.

A very good friend and teacher of mine at my martial arts school is vegan- though, in his specific case, it's a biological necessity and has nothing whatsoever to do with ethical objections to shooting Bambi's mother in the face with a shotgun. (This is what normal people, like you and me, call "fun", and what vegans call "the evil slaughter of the innocent".) He simply cannot process meat for some reason.

And that is totally fine- it just means that whenever we go out for brunch, we always end up going to a place that serves vegan as well as carnivorous food.

Returning to the subject at hand, this (apparently) is what PETA's lettuce ladies tend to look like:

Gentlemen: annoying vegetarian bullshit aside, WYB?

That's what I thought.

Which brings me neatly to the only sensible, indeed, possible answer to PETA's frankly absurd idea:

If PETA insists on sending scantily-clad women in strategically-placed lettuce leaves among real men who believe in God, guns, 'MURICA, and the joys of BACON, then they should not be surprised when said ladies end up voluntarily asking for, and getting (to put things a bit crudely) a solid serving of meat.

I honestly do believe that if more "vegan" women were introduced to real men who refuse to put up with their bullshit and do not tolerate the lies of feminism, this swishing faggotry of "veganism" in general, and the silliness of "lettuce ladies" in particular, would disappear in an awfully big hurry.

Today's dose of sterling common sense brought to you by your good friends over at Article 15 Clothing- founded, owned, and operated by veterans. Help them out by spending some of your hard-earned green stuff on their excellent gear; I got my mitts last year on one of their shirts (the one about "Peace Through Superior Firepower") and have not regretted it even once.

And as for PETA and their absurd crusade to stop men from eating meat, well, perhaps it wasn't a particularly good idea to lecture a nation that is still too poor for most of its people to actually afford meat into eating their vegetables.

But then, these people are tree-hugging eco-warriors. Common sense and sensibility were never their strong points.


  1. Look skinny, but not particularly healthy. The two on the right look especially emaciated without looking like the poor kids of the "for just five cents a day you too can..." commercials.


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