The epic vision of the God-Emperor

This is how an Alpha male addresses the nation that he leads:

That was, without question, an even better speech than he gave at his inauguration. President Trump looked confident, relaxed, and totally at ease with himself and his audience. That, in and of itself, is a remarkably positive sign.

Donald Trump is not a naturally skilled public speaker when speaking off the cuff. He repeats himself. He goes off point. He gets easily distracted. He gets his facts wrong from time to time.

He is, in other words, quite human in most respects. He is still a far better public speaker than his predecessor, Obama bin Lyin, but that does not exactly strike me as a terribly high bar to clear.

But when Donald Trump is speaking from prepared remarks, even in front of a potentially hostile audience, after carefully gathering his ideas and sifting through them and presenting them for maximum impact, he can be amazingly effective. And he showed that in his address to Congress the other day.

Most striking of all, though, is the vision that President Trump offers to Americans.

Gone is the flighty rhetoric about how America's duty is to spread democracy around the world. Gone too, for the most part at least, is the stupid social justice nonsense of his predecessors.

In its place are simple, heartfelt expressions of national pride, of love of country and of what it means to be an American.

There were, to be sure, a few social justice calls here and there. I'm not sure that President Trump could get away with making a speech in front of Congress and the nation without pandering at least a little bit about solving problems in the inner city and ending discrimination against women and so on and so forth. It's nothing we haven't heard before. Yet such things were subdued relative to the rousing calls for a renewed sense of national pride, and for investment in America's future.

Many would argue (correctly, in my opinion) that Donaldus Triumphus is still too much of a civic nationalist and not enough of an identity nationalist- that is to say, he still seems to believe that just about anyone who is decent and law-abiding and willing to work for his keep can come here and become an American. This might have been true once upon a time, but it is certainly no longer the case these days.

Yet, watching that speech, it is clear to me that the alt-Right's optimism upon learning of the God-Emperor's great victory in 2016 was not misplaced.

Our arguments are winning. Our ideas are winning. Our vision of a future of stable nation-states with clearly defined borders and will carry through- because it is rooted in inescapable, though perhaps uncomfortable, truths about human nature, and in historical evidence.

The "melting pot" dreams of cuckservatives have been conclusively shattered; such a thing cannot happen because a melting pot requires, first and foremost, a strong base upon which to add ingredients. But if you insist on diluting that base away to almost nothing, then that wonderful melting pot concept simply fails to work.

The social justice Utopia touted so aggressively by the Left is failing. A culture of fetishising victimhood can only work as long as a majority of people are willing and able to tolerate obnoxious minorities acting like victims. But the moment it becomes clear to the majority that acting like victims is economically and politically advantageous, everybody becomes a victim- which of course means that nobody is a victim.

Gone are the fantasies of both the new Left and the old Right. In their place is a vision of a secure and prosperous America that puts its own citizens first and firmly tells everyone else to take a hike if they don't like it. Gone is the belief that Americans are simply interchangeable cogs in a vast global workforce, to be added and subtracted and replaced at will. And gone is the notion that the President of the United States of America needs to accept Noble Defeat at the hands of the Left in order to get anything done.

The Alpha males have returned to their rightful and proper place as leaders and decision-makers. Thank God Almighty for that.


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