The appeal of the Great Heresy

Another week, another series of Islamist attacks.

London, March 22nd:

Antwerp, March 23rd:

Lille, March 24th:

The list goes on for quite a bit. Islamism is on the rise across Europe, and the only response that the European people and their politicians seem to have is to cower in fear and do their absolute damnedest to try to placate the beast that is now inside their doorway.

The problem for Western civilisation, of which Europe used to be a staunch defender, is that most of the RIFs (a military term that unflatteringly, but accurately, refers to jihadist Mozzies as Radical Islamist You-Know-What-Heads) that are carrying out these attacks are not actually foreign-born nutbags that can be easily shot at the borders on sight without a moment's remorse.

These killers are are in many cases home-grown terrorists, who have turned against their native cultures in dramatic and lethal fashion. 

There can be no doubt or question in the mind of a right-thinking Man of the West that Islam is the enemy. Islam's traditions and ideals stand against everything that the Christian West holds dear.

Islam is against the ancient wisdom and virtues of Graeco-Roman philosophy, which has provided so many great gifts to modern Western civilisation in the form of logic, mathematics, medicine, art, and so very much more. 

Islam is against the immense gifts provided by the Enlightenment, upon which our modern technologically advanced civilisation is built. Left to itself, Islam's belief in a capricious, totalitarian moon-god leads to a remarkable lack of intellectual curiosity combined with an almost infuriating fatalism that refuses to take seriously the concept of individual responsibility. 

Worst of all, Islam is absolutely against the wisdom and morality of Christianity, which posits that the Universe was created by a rational, benevolent God who created us in His image and granted us the priceless gifts of free will and rational thought, and, filled with love for us, constantly strives to elevate us away from our folly and barbarism and into a deeper and more sublime knowledge of His Divine Purpose. 

Islam is regressive, barbaric, totalitarian, and deeply perverse in more ways than can be counted here. That much is easily understood. 

What is not easily understood is this: why, exactly, do so many young Western men find themselves enamoured of this backward, intolerant heresy of ancient Christian theology? 

If we are to fight an enemy, we must strive to understand it. By this it immediately follows that if we consider Islam our enemy- and we do, because it considers us its enemy by default- then we must therefore strive to understand why Islam appeals so easily to disgruntled young men. 

Here are a few basic reasons that explain, at least in part, why so many young Western men who REALLY bloody well ought to know better are turning to the Great Heresy in droves:

1. The Feminisation of the West

Marlon Brando in the 1950s versus Brad Pitt of today. Who's more manly?

The first part of the answer doesn't take much imagination to figure out. It is not difficult to see that the Western world has become severely emasculated since the closing of the decade that most of the Manosphere would argue was the very peak of Western civilisation- the 1950s.

The testosterone levels of modern men have declined significantly since then as Westerners have allowed themselves to become gelded and ineffectual in the face of feminism's relentless advance. We now believe all manner of ridiculous lies concerning the equality of women- and where belief becomes impossible to maintain in the face of clear evidence to the contrary, unbelievers are simply jailed for refusing to play along.

In place of reason and faith, Western society offers only numbing consumerism and mindless entertainment. In place of a personal relationship with the Almighty, the West offers a personal relationship with one's smartphone screen. In place of the sacraments of marriage for explicitly reproductive purposes, Western society has devalued the act of sex into a merely physical matter involving nothing more than animal rutting between willing (and not always that, either) participants.

Western society has, quite simply, created a void deep within itself that it cannot fill, no matter how hard it tries. The loss of spirituality, meaning, and faith that the void signifies will, inevitably, lead straight to war and death, just as it always has.

Into this clear breach of all that is just and sensible steps Islam, which offers up a strict hierarchy of roles and responsibilities. Islam preaches that women are subordinate to men, that men have specifically enumerated rights and responsibilities that they are required to uphold, and that the "prophet" of their religion is a man whose every deed and word is to be regarded as the very model of human perfection.

That "prophet" took multiple wives- he was, by accepted Islamic tradition, a paedophile and almost certainly a multiple rapist. He was a warlord and slew his enemies in great numbers. He preached devotion to a cause greater than oneself.

By the measure of the four masculine virtues of Strength, Courage, Mastery, and Honour, the "prophet" Mohammed- whose very existence as an actual historical figure is subject to serious problems- is nonetheless an exceptionally attractive role model.

After all, as Jack Donovan pointed out in his seminal book, being good at being a man is categorically NOT the same thing as being a good man.

Islam offers a way of discipline and order in the madness and chaos that is the modern West, where gender relations make absolutely no damn sense and where modern society does its level best to breed the manliness out of its men. For any young man growing up in a society that is so at odds with his own natural testosterone-driven urges and goals, Islam offers a clear way forward.

No wonder, then, that so many of them take it.

2. Control the Women, and You Control All

Islam's treatment of women is... different, to say the very least, from the other Abrahammic religions.

Islamic nations that follow the full-blown shariah approach to things insist that their women dress very modestly, covering their bodies and their heads. The most extreme cases refuse to allow women out in public unaccompanied by men. Women in many Islamic nations have severely restricted rights relative to their Western counterparts. They are kept under strict supervision at all times and their educations, if they are provided with such of any significance, tend to be of significantly poorer quality than their male counterparts.

The testimony of a Muslim woman is considered under Islamic law to have half the value of that of a man's. In certain Islamic societies, if a woman is raped by a married man, she is presumed guilty of adultery unless two witnesses are found to exonerate her- but that is if and only if her alleged rapist cannot find one witness to exonerate him. And even if she was not, in fact, guilty of adultery, often as not she may well be killed by her own brothers for bringing shame upon her family.

In the parts of the Middle East where Islam has taken root most firmly- like, say, the various bits of territory that taken together call themselves "Kurdistan"- women are treated not too much better than donkeys. They are expected to cook, clean, and raise children. They mostly figure out the stuff about how babies are born on their own.

Islamic apologists state that their "religion" holds their women in a state of "exalted respect". Western observers, at least the ones not shackled by political correctness, would call it what it is: slavery.

And yet... if you actually talk to Islamic women about how they feel about the whole thing, you will quickly find that the standard feminist narrative about MUH OPPRESSIONS runs face-first into a massive problem.

Polls conducted on the, admittedly somewhat vague, subject of "happiness" have routinely found that Muslim women- particularly converted ones from Western backgrounds- are usually happier than their Western sisters, and by quite a significant margin.

Why is that? Surely no woman could possibly be made happy by living in a state of blind ignorance, treated as chattel by the men in their lives, subjected to honour killings and torture and public floggings?

It's not nearly that simple.

For starters, Muslim women are required to display a sense of modesty and propriety that is sorely lacking in their Western sisters. As L. Jagi Lamplighter's superb short story, "Test of the Prophet", in the Forbidden Thoughts anthology, points out, Muslim women preserve their chastity and their sexual natures for their husbands alone, instead of leaving it all out there for the entire world to see.

In a hyper-sexualised Western world where every woman regards it as her right to display as much gratuitous flesh as possible, young men become desensitised to such displays very rapidly.

I say this from personal experience: when I see every second woman walking the streets of Manhattan in summer wearing nothing much more than a bikini and displaying her cleavage, tattoos, piercings, and horrid chopped dyed hair for all the world to see, it is not my interest that is stimulated- it is my gag reflex.

For young men frustrated and confounded by the rapidly changing rules of sexuality in this hedonistic brave new world of the West, which has upended all sense of natural order and morality and decency in favour of nearly unbridled hedonism, is it therefore any surprise that they fall hard for the allure of a religion that promises them multiple chaste, modest women to take as Islamic wives? And also allows them to take as many kuffar (unbeliever) women as they want as pleasure slaves, to do with as they wish?

3. Paradise

The most important aspect of Islam's appeal, by far, has got to be its conception of Paradise.

This concept of the Great Beyond is largely unique to Islam, by the way. Judaism doesn't even talk about heaven or hell until one gets to the Book of Job, if I recall correctly. The Christian concept of Paradise speaks of the great kingdom of the Lord, into which the righteous shall be judged worthy of entry, but is (as far as I know) rather vague on details beyond promising that those who have lived virtuously and decently in line with Christian morality will experience eternal peace of the soul and the pure and infinite love of Our Father.

The Islamic idea of paradise, however, is considerably more explicit and detailed.

It kind of has to be, if you think about it. How else are you going to get a bunch of testosterone-driven idiots to sacrifice their lives for a "god" that they never see and will never meet, and with whom they do not have a personal relationship?

The Koran goes on at significant length concerning very earthly pleasures of the flesh that await a young man when he enters Jannah. His every sense will be stimulated by the presence of delicious fruits and refreshing drinks; his every need (and I do mean every need) will be tended to by beautiful dusky virginal girls and young boys.

(A bit of a controversy erupted some years back concerning an otherwise dusty and dry academic debate over what the Islamic texts say when read in Syriac instead of Arabic, where that whole line about "72 virgins" suddenly becomes "72 grapes". It was a ridiculous kerfuffle considering the far more serious and wide-ranging implications of the book that made the argument.)

There is rather a lot more to it than just this, but the simple fact of the matter is that Islam offers its followers a heavenly reward that simply CANNOT be matched by any material offering or possession that we of the West can provide.

It is simple, really: when you pit materialism against faith, blind consumerism against devout discipline, and the rewards of Heaven against the realities of Earth, you should not be in the least bit surprised when young men, in particular, choose the latter just about every time.

If you bring the knife of secularism to a fight to the death between two very different faiths, You. Will. LOSE.


I think I have made it very clear throughout this post that I loathe Islam and just about everything that it stands for- despite having grown up in an Islamic nation, despite knowing many quite good and decent Muslims, and despite not being in any way particularly religious myself.

Nonetheless, it is possible to loathe one's adversary while still admitting, however grudgingly, that his way of life and outlook do in fact have a few things to offer.

And if we are to win the Long War against Islam- a war that we did not start, but which is ours to fight nevertheless- we can only do it by first understanding our foe. We have to understand what it is about their barbaric and sinful heresy that makes them so effective at converting others to their cause.

Their secret is simple, really: in a world of complicated realities, Islam offers simple ideals and clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

The Christian West needs to learn from this, and fast. It has done so at least once before, when all of Christendom was called upon to defend the Holy Cross of Our Lord and fight for the True Faith. The concepts of "holy war" and religious inquisition did not exist in Christendom prior to its first real contacts with the heretical heathens who rode under the banner of the "prophet" out of the desert sands- yet both are now considered deeply shameful parts of its past.

There is nothing shameful, however, in attempting to defend one's faith and way of life. Like the Germanic pagans of old who converted to the Way, and brought into it new vigour and vitality and strength, we too must find something worth fighting for- in our case, the Kingdom of the one and only true God, the God who offers us mercy, justice, righteousness, freedom, and His infinite, unconditional love- and then we must fight for it, with every means at our disposal.

The stakes are nothing less than the survival of our civilisation. We cannot fail to answer this call.


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