Querying the Domain: So white people aren't actually all that bad?!

Badger Brigadon had an interesting question for me in response to my article from the other day about facing up to realities that one may not necessarily like very much:
[S]o, as a non-white, non-american...

What exactly is your dog in this fight?

Not attacking you, just curious as to how this captured your attention... It would be a bit like me fighting for more Beyonce on BET.
As I stated in my reply to his question, this is a perfectly reasonable query and I have no problem with answering it.

As I also said, the answer, at least for me, comes in two parts. The first is philosophical, and the second is personal.

The philosophical aspect has to do with the fact that this blog was created with the express intent of helping me search for Truth. This is what I wrote in my very first post here, more than 4 years ago:
I will be posting about many things- topics will include libertarianism, video games, weight lifting, economics, books, movies, abstract nonsense, and the Red Pill. To that end, I welcome commentary and dialogue on the various subjects that I post here. I do not welcome trolls or spammers, and will deal with both severely. This blog is not meant to be an exercise in solipsism; if it becomes one, it has failed in its primary purpose.
That has been true from day one, and continues to be true today. By necessity, this means that I have to be willing and able to face up to truths and realities that I may not necessarily like very much.

In my very first month of writing, I penned a post called Truth is Freedom..., which was then edited and expanded slightly into a guest post at Matt Forney's blog. There, I stated that basic truths are universal and do not change regardless of how much one might like them to do so. It doesn't matter whether truth causes you pain or gives you comfort- it simply is what it is, and any attempt to resist it inevitably leads to personal ineptitude, moral decay, and eventual disaster.

One can no more argue that the sky is yellow, in the face of mountains of conclusive evidence to the contrary, than one can argue that it is possible for men to magically transform themselves into women through "gender reassignment surgery", or that xenophobia is always and everywhere completely unjustified, or that full socialism actually works outside of very special cases involving tribal and familial bonds in tiny, isolated societies.

In the same way, any reasonably competent observer who looks at the long and turbulent history of Western civilisation would be forced to conclude, if he were honest, that the West is as advanced and as powerful as it is mostly because of white people.

You don't have to like it. You don't even have to understand it. You simply have to accept it.

The glories of Western civilisation certainly owe much to the influences of other cultures and civilisations- many of which were subjugated or even exterminated by the West. Some of the most critically important factors of the West's rise to power and dominance come from cultures that were significantly more advanced once upon a time, but subsequently fell into decay.

The best examples come from all of the technology and innovations that the West "borrowed" (a more accurate, if less charitable, term might be "stole") from China.

When Western civilisation was still recovering from the collapse of the Western Roman Empire and the Dark Ages imposed upon Europe by Islamic expansion into the Levant and North Africa, the Chinese culture had already developed the techniques for creating paper from wood mulch and extracting silk from caterpillars. This was during a time when the Western world's most advanced material for capturing the written word consisted of papyrus reeds- a material itself developed by the Egyptians.

In later centuries, the Chinese developed gunpowder and had even figured out useful military applications for the same, in the form of crude rockets and cannons.

The gulf between Chinese and Western development was so vast throughout most of the West's history that China didn't even really see the point or need for trade with the Western world, and insisted on seeing white Westerners as "pigs" and uncultured savages with large red noses who were comically inept and uncivilised in almost every way*.

Yet in the end, it was the West that took the lead in the age-old clash of civilisations.

It was the West that figured out how to move from crude rockets and cannons to highly advanced and lethal muskets and then rapid-firing infantryman rifles, siege cannons, and ship-borne assault weapons.

It was a Westerner- a Portuguese chap by the name of Ferdinand Magellan, you may have heard of him- who circumnavigated the globe, even though the Chinese were able to mount a number of expeditions under Admiral Zheng He to explore and colonise distant ports around Asia and Near Africa.

It was a Westerner who opened up India. It was a Westerner who discovered the miracle drug of penicillin. It was a Westerner who first discovered how to split the atom. It was a Westerner who first demonstrated the feasibility of jet propulsion.

It was Western hands and Western men who tamed and built the American wilderness, carving the world's greatest nation out of a vast and hostile hinterland at what was once considered the very edge of the inhabitable world.

It was the greatness and power of a Western nation that created the British Raj in India, and ruled over three hundred million people with an administration that barely came to roughly one hundred thousand in number- most of whom were not military personnel but were instead bureaucrats. Outnumbered three thousand to one, they took an overcrowded and underdeveloped bunch of squabbling princedoms and monarchies and turned them into a nation, in the process building out virtually the entire infrastructure that India relies upon so completely today.

The list of Western achievements in science, technology, literature, economics, and a thousand other fields of renown goes on, and on, and bloody on.

The most interesting thing about the West's achievements is that they came from significant and sustained intra-civilisational competition. We know that throughout recorded history, a number of different civilisations that all shared common history, borders, and racial compositions competed hard for supremacy against each other. They identified themselves as Italian, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swiss, English, Russian, and Swedish, and an hundred other names besides.

Yet every single one of these distinct nations were part of Western civilisation. And every single one of these nations was overwhelmingly white.

Once again, you don't have to like it (though I, personally, do like it). You don't have to understand it (though I, personally, do understand it).

You simply have to accept it.

Now, I, personally, do not have the slightest problem with the fact that white people built and maintained (and are now busily invested in destroying) Western civilisation. I have no personal animus against white folk.

And that is because of my personal experiences with white people.

I've lived in majority-white countries for something close to half my life at this point. The most "racist" country that I've ever lived in was probably Australia, but it needs to be noted that the Australian sense of humour has a very sharp edge to it that outsiders often have a lot of trouble understanding.

Case in point: my family's favourite radio station while I was living in Sydney was (and is) called Triple-M, and one of the staples of their evening rush-hour programming was a little segment called "Sucked In", where the hosts would call up some hapless victim and proceed to prank the shit out of him/her. The pranks could get pretty brutal, right up to and including the hosts threatening the prankees (I know, that's not a word) with wheel-clamping and parking tickets and so on.

Aussies love that sort of thing.

So when a white Aussie calls a chap who is clearly from the Orient a "wog" (very common), or makes fun of Indians for smelling like curry (also common), or mock Aborigines for being poor and stupid and a bit gullible (extremely common), you have to understand where they are coming from.

By American hyper-PC standards, such jokes are crass and offensive in the extreme. To Aussies, that's just the norm.

My time in white-majority Western nations has generally been pretty happy, all things considered. Whether I was living in Australia, Britain (England, really), or America, I found white people to be courteous, decent, welcoming, and polite, with very few exceptions, and most of those were easily ignored.

I reserve a special respect and appreciation for America, of course; it is by the grace and decency of a good and generous people that I was permitted to come here for an education, find a job, and live in peace as long as I obey American laws and norms. I have never forgotten that fact, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunities that I have been given.

Indeed, I reckon that many, if not most, of my fellow foreigners would do well to be a little less quick to claim to be oppressed and victimised by the very people who have let them in, and a little more grateful for the fact that they are here, in the greatest country on Earth.

I honestly do believe that getting a visa to study and then work in the US is the same as being given a winning lottery ticket in life. It angers me greatly to see so many foreigners coming to America and thinking that they have a "right" to be here and immediately become part of the Free Shit Army, demanding toys and presents simply because they can take advantage of the generosity and goodness of a fundamentally decent people. That is a grave abuse of a guest's privilege in a host's home, and it is not to be tolerated.

I particularly like and appreciate the white folk of America's heartlands. Whether I am visiting towns and villages populated by the quietly unflappable folk of rural and countryside New England, or the courtly and immensely hospitable people of Texas, or the welcoming and charming characters to be found in lovely Vermont, I have always been treated with politeness and civility.

I cannot claim to have such positive experiences in parts of my own homeland.

Now obviously, not every non-white non-Westerner who has spent roughly half his life in Western lands can claim to have had the same happy experience as I have. There are parts of America- the more "diverse" bits, usually, and that is not an accident- where foreigners like me are treated quite badly. But, in general, the reason why everyone and his dog wants to come here to live and work is because white people have made it a great country.

That is true throughout the Western world, and the rest of us ignore this basic fact of life at our own great peril.

For while white Westerners are unusually welcoming of foreigners- I argue that these days they are too welcoming- they are also capable of great and terrible violence against "the other" if they choose. The history of Western culture is replete with examples of xenophobia taken to unhealthy and very violent extremes, and I fear that there will come a time in the not-too-distant future when such violence will flare up once again.

As a general rule, white people are not the problem. White people certainly create many of their own problems, usually through ignorance of history or active stupidity, or both, but they also have a remarkable knack for solving problems too.

That is why Western culture is quite clearly the best. That is why the Western nations have the highest living standards in the world. That is why everyone else wants to go there, or at least send his kids there.

So the question, at least from my perspective, isn't really, "why do you advocate so strongly for white people?". It really should be, "why doesn't everyone like you advocate so strongly for white people?"

*This attitude is still prevalent among the Chinese today, by the way. It's just kept beneath the surface, for the most part. The Chinese simply cannot accept that anyone could possibly exceed the cultural achievements of Zhong Guo Ren; to their minds, Western civilisational dominance is merely an approximately 500-year-old aberration in the five-thousand-year history of their own culture, and they are merely waiting until such time as the world goes back to its natural state of order with China at the top of the heap.


  1. A lot of people don't realize how deeply racist the Chinese _are_.

    1. Very true. In my experience they reserve a particular dislike for Africans and Indians.

  2. Thank you for answering my question so completely.

    Ironically, in history, Foreigners or people of foreign blood, were treated very well INDEED in the United states... far better, in fact, than most native whites of the lower class.

    The trick here is, that they were unusual... They came, joined the native culture, and succeeded at our own game. We had enormous respect for someone that could beat us at our own game, despite the handicap of not having been born or bred here.

    Our disgust today is based on the fact that they are not beating us at our own game... they are not becoming more american than we are, they are not the best and brightest coming in small numbers and assimalating better than our own lower class... They are BECOMING our lower class, and bitching ceaselessly about being treated exactly the same way we have always treated those who cannot succeed on their own merits.

    the immigrants of today are LOSERS, and when they are treated like the losers they are, instead of taking it as a cue to get successful, it is a cue that 'we are unfair'. We joke about 'tornado magnets', and 'white trash', ceaselessly, but if we dare imply that similar foreign shitholes exist in our country, we are being 'racist'.

    screw 'em. Detroit is hell, and the incredibly stupid american blacks made it that way. There are successful American blacks, but guess what? they don't live in Detroit, they live in the Hamptons with the rest of the success stories.

    It's not our fault that there aren't very many of them.

  3. The Chinese MAY be smarter than everyone else (a fact I doubt deeply since the average chinese intelligence statistics are provided by a communist government... an organization not particularly well known for truthful reporting of statistics that may affect how they are percieved) But what they lack is innovation.

    Innovation is actively punished by the Chinese, and has been for thousands of years... the idea of 'rocking the boat' is absolute anathema to them, and five thousand plus years of killing anyone that had an original idea, while promoting those who are smart but unimaginative, would certainly have an evolutionary effect.

    Almost every innovation they have had in the last thousand years has been produced or stolen from westerners... and if the west ceases to exist, their civilization will collapse back into the decadent stagnancy from which we rescued them.

    This has GOT to be hard on the chinese psyche... that and their childlike stature is causing a near-universal inferiority complex... a global form of 'little man's syndrome', that must be terribly difficult for their culture to handle.


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