It only took 4 years...

... but I've finally gone and updated the theme used at this place to something a little more modern.

It just so happened that Blogger decided recently that it might be nice to move into the 21st Century, where Wordpress and other mainline sites have already gone, and updated its themes. One of the available ones looked really rather fitting given the tone and content and background of what I write (and the fact that this blog owes its very existence, in many ways, to my beloved HALO franchise)

So here we are with the new layout (and, perhaps rather fittingly, a picture of a VERY busty woman showing up within the first four posts).

The core content of my blog has not changed, obviously. It is still the same fairly eclectic collection of analysis, rants, verbal beatdowns, random weirdness, and of course, hot girls.

And long may that remain the case, really.

(If you notice issues with the rendering on certain pages or posts, please email me and let me know. I've noticed a couple of issues here and there on old posts.)


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