In defence of normalcy

A few days ago I wrote about the fact that, to a mind steeped in the madness of feminism and the insistence of its adherents in treating men and women as entirely interchangeable, it can be jarring in the extreme to see what the world might look like when the biological realities of the sexes are recognised, and when men and women start treating each other the way we should.

It takes some effort, though, to understand just how insane things have gotten in most of the "Anglosphere" nations- and, for that matter, throughout the rest of Western Europe too.

What is This "Feminism" You Speak Of?

To get an idea of what "normal" looks like overseas, let us start with every awakened Western man's favourite reference point. That's right, it's those crazy Russians, where the women very sensibly think that feminism actually is batshit insane:
It would probably surprise no foreigner who has ever visited Russia that a 2004 Kinsey study described Russian society as existing in a “sexless sexism” in which, “on one side, gender/sex differences have been theoretically disregarded and politically underestimated,” but “on the other side, both public opinion and social practices have been extremely sexist, all empirical sex differences being taken as given by nature.” 
What this means, in practice, is that Russians by and large adhere to relatively strict gender roles: women are expected to dress well and take care of themselves, want many babies, act as the center of the household, and be very ladylike while men are expected to carry all the financial responsibility, protect the honor of their women, carry heavy loads and drive the car. 
What does often surprise foreigners, however, is that women in Russia tend to uphold these gender roles as vociferously, if not more so, than their male counterparts. In a recent study by the Levada Center, only 38 percent of both men and women supported “abstract egalitarianism” in domestic life; cooking, cleaning, raising children, etc. were overwhelmingly labeled as exclusively female; the only duty that was deemed exclusively male was going to war. 
According to another opinion poll, 78 percent of both men and women believe a woman’s place is in the home. It’s worth noting here, however, that in a traditional Russian household, it is the woman who makes all decisions regarding finances and domestic issues (“The man is the head, but the woman is the neck” as the popular Russian saying goes). 
More importantly, Russian women often visibly grimace at the word “feminism,” which is filled with negative connotations, such as sloppiness, laziness, aggression, and vulgarity. “These feminists, they act like men,” my friend Sveta always says with derision, echoing the thoughts of many other Russian women, “Why would I want to act like a man? I’m proud of being a woman.”
I can confirm this through my own personal experiences.

The same lovely lady of my acquaintance who (sort of) inspired my last post on this subject is not what most Russians would consider "traditional". (Technically, she isn't actually Russian either.) She has her own job and career and independent lifestyle. During the time that we spent together, she bought and paid for her own clothes during her shopping trips. By Russian standards she is what would be considered a "Westernised" woman- and from what I know of their people, this is not considered a Good Thing.

And yet... in all major decisions, this independent, educated, quite worldly woman immediately and automatically deferred to me.

I was expected to provide a firm opinion on what dress she should buy, what she would buy for her mother, where we would go for dinner, what type of wine we would drink, where we would get coffee and lunch, and any number of other decisions both large and small.

She expected me to be the leader, the planner, the voice of reason and manly judgement, and- not to put too fine a point on it- the wallet, in most cases. Yes, I paid for most of our coffee and meals and drinks and sundries.

With an American or English woman, such dispensations would have been received with a haughty air of entitlement, as if the poor bastard forking out his hard-earned money for such things was lucky to receive even the time of day from the object of his affections. Any man who insists on paying for everything with that kind of woman is just asking to have his balls ripped out through his wallet- and, in my honest opinion, deserves that fate.

After all, in purely economic terms, he is paying well above market rates for well below market quality.

But with this woman, and with other foreign women of my acquaintance (not necessarily Eastern European either), once the expectation was met, a gentle smile and a simple touch of gratitude on the lady's part always followed.

And what did I get in return for my time, effort, and money, you might ask?

Simple. I got a real woman.

Not an aggressive whiny high-voiced man with breasts and an attitude in dire need of forceful correction, but a living, breathing, beautiful woman- soft, gentle, caring, smiling, seductive, funny, lively, and nurturing. Full of life, laughter, and joy.

As long as I did what I was supposed to do- what a man is supposed to do according to the norms and standards of her culture- she did what she was supposed to do.

After spending so much of my life around American and Americanised women, the difference was simply astonishing- because our interactions were so very normal. That time was a glimpse into what life actually used to be like, once upon a time. It was a glimpse into what my own parents enjoyed during their time- and the imprint left by that style of interaction has followed them right down to the present day, more than 37 years after they got married.

Looking Past the Hype

Now, many older and wiser men would argue that their fellows who sing the praises of Eastern European women are overlooking or papering over some very serious problems.

I agree.

Yes, Eastern European women, particularly of the Slavic extraction, are often staggeringly beautiful and feminine- but this is also a part of the world that has been savaged by the immorality and brutality of socialism.

The wounds of that Satanic philosophy run deep. Among the most terrible effects of a philosophy that devalues and delegitimises human life is the inevitable collapse in birth rates that follows in its wake. And make no mistake, the Eastern Bloc nations are feeling those effects right now. Russia and most of the Baltic and Slavic nations are staring right down the barrel of a truly epic population crisis taking place within the next thirty years.

Even so, the general lesson holds. What Westerners consider novel and radical is simply considered traditional and normal in most other parts of the world that have not been infected with this very Western madness that we call "feminism".

Consider what Fred Reed, a curmudgeon par excellence, had to say about marrying a Mexicana:
To my eye, they are almost quirky in their distinctiveness, strong, content with being themselves, and psychically stable. They are also women, delightfully so, vibrantly feminine. They are wonderfully amorous without being loose, uninhibited, frequently beautiful, and they are…ladies. They do not drink themselves silly in bars and shriek obscenities. 
They can also be savagely jealous, to the point of removing body parts. But for this I respect them. Any woman worth having has every right to expect her man to keep his pants up except in her presence. He owes to her what she owes to him. Fair is fair. 
It is not easy to explain to an American readership under forty what is meant by being a woman. We are accustomed to androgynous, litigious, Prozac-sucking shrews who would inspire erectile dysfunction in an iron bar. Yes, there are exceptions and degrees, but here is the main current. (If there is anyone with less respect for women than the average squalling dyke feminist, I haven’t met it.) 
Feminists of course say that femininity cannot be distinguished from subservience. But it ain’t so. The Mexicanas I know are not subservient. They work harder and bitch less than we do. They are not weak. They do not need support groups, Depacote, Paxil, Welbutrin, or classes in self-esteem (which idea they find puzzling or ridiculous). They are self-sufficient adults. 
There is for the Mexicana a difference of centrality. Her focus is on her home, her man, and her children. She sees her job as a way to support her family instead of, as happens northward, the other way around. Her home is more important to her than her office. Making partner at Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe is not her reason for living. Should the man share these sentiments, as gringos with Mexican wives seem to, there flows a warmth and steadfastness that changes the tenor of life. The time at home, talking, doing yard work, dancing to the boom box, or screwing their brains out, counts more than whatever else might be out there.
The normality that used to be a fact of life to our parents and grandparents is still out there. The problem isn't that women are not capable of acting like women. The evidence shows that they plainly are. The problem is with a degenerate and tawdry culture that encourages them to act like men.

The Wasteland

Over the past several years, many parts of the Manosphere, including much of the nascent alt-Right, have looked overseas to non-Western cultures for a taste of what life can be like when men act like men, and women act like women. Those who participate in such adventures usually find themselves so taken by what they see that they simply swear off ever returning to the Anglosphere.

And who can blame them? Any man who is even half awake and can see what is going on around him knows that dating women in most American cities requires incredibly high levels of tolerance for drama, irrational bullshit, neediness, and entitlement.

In return for... what, exactly? Women who do not take care of their appearance, possess no significant domestic skills, have limited (if any) intellectual pursuits worthy of mention, and who waste the best years of their lives engaged in hedonistic pursuits instead of building up the very skills and attributes that would secure them lasting partnerships with strong men who would love and protect them.

This observation holds true whether you argue in favour of committed monogamy (like me) or not (like, say, Blackdragon). It holds true whether you are talking about the Anglosphere or Nordic nations.

Its validity weakens if you move away from the cities and toward more rural areas, where faith and family hold much greater meaning to women than they do in the big city centres, but every indicator we have available to us tells us that relations between the sexes have gone from normal, to inverted, and on straight through to perverse and degenerate, in the span of just two or three generations.

Even so, it is still possible to return to the old ways. And doing so has to start with the firm recognition that we, and we alone, are responsible for our present predicament.

Rediscovering the Roots

The damage wrought by feminism did not happen because of some previously inconceivable deus ex machina. The current, parlous, state of Western civilisation is not the result of "market forces" or "external pressures" or "unforeseen circumstances".

This radical deviation from what used to be right, good, and normal is our fault. We, the men who live in and consider ourselves to be of "the West", did this to ourselves.

The strong men who were our fathers and grandfathers forged civilisations out of blood and fire and steel. In America's case, they did it by taming a vast wilderness and turning it into the greatest nation the world has ever seen. In so doing, those strong men gave us all of the bounties that a God-blessed nation can possibly provide to its children.

The problem with such bounties is that, sooner or later, the very fact that they are plentiful makes them cheapened in the eyes of those who come to simply take them for granted. And when that happens, when men no longer have to claw and scratch and struggle for what they have, they become weak and dissipated.

That weakness now runs rampant in our blood. The shades of our forefathers recoil in horror and and groan with shame at the pathetic wretches that their descendants have become. We have become so used to having everything that it no longer makes sense to strive, to struggle, to challenge our bodies and our minds.

The degradation of our women is the logical and inevitable consequence of our weakness as men.

Men like you and I can complain all we like about how hard it is to date and find a good woman these days. Believe me, I sympathise entirely- I know where such complaints come from. But complaining doesn't solve the problem.

If we want to return to the days when women acted like women, then we need to return to acting like men. And that will require a number of necessarily very harsh, very difficult choices.

But, really, there is no choice. We have arrived at our present state by refusing to grasp the nettles, by insisting on being "tolerant" and "diverse" and "multicultural", and by closing our eyes to the remorseless lessons of history.

Strong nations are always and everywhere brought low by weak men. Weak nations are always and everywhere saved by strong men. It does not take terribly much thought to figure out which type of nation one would rather live in- and therefore, what it will take to build such a nation.

If we want to return to a world in which "men are the head and women are the neck", so to speak, then men need to start acting their part.


  1. Remember, the really big mistake wasn't the vote. The _really_ big mistake was shoes.

  2. bah, the really big mistake was teaching them to talk.

  3. The world will be sane again when a husband cannot be jailed for spanking his woman's butt for acting like a child.


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