Here we go again... again

It would appear that DEADPOOL 2 is actually going to be a thing:

I have to admit that I was horribly wrong about the first Deadpool film. I thought that Ryan Reynolds was going to RUIN it the way "he" ruined Green Lantern. In hindsight, though, and with the clear-eyed assistance of a reader who pointed out the actual facts of the matter to me, it wasn't actually his fault that the Green Lantern film blew chunks; it was rather more a function of terrible writing, ridiculously unbelievable villains, dreadful CGI, and more than a few pretty appalling casting choices.

Plus, Green Lantern as a character is, quite frankly, simply really stupid.

Frank Miller nailed the Green Lantern character in one of his graphic novels- I think it might have been the so-astoundingly-bad-it's-actually-kind-of-good All Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder- when he basically argued that Green Lantern had the power to crack open a planet in that ring of his, but had roughly the imagination of a potato, and the most ridiculous weakness that you've ever heard of.

Deadpool, of course, is not a serious comic book character. He is very clearly designed to lampoon the entire concept of comic book heroes, and as such suffers from few of the more absurd shortcomings of his contemporaries.

So Ryan Reynolds, who appears to have been born to play this sort of irreverent-slacker-with-a-heart-of-gold role, should have no problem whatsoever turning the next Deadpool movie into cinematic gold once again.

The first movie was the sort of film that I'll watch once, and pretty much never again. But I have to admit, it was bawdy, ridiculously over the top, stupid yet clever, irreverent in the extreme, and ludicrously violent- and I really enjoyed it. I'm quite looking forward to seeing what happens when Mr. Reynolds puts on that silly red costume of his and starts ad-libbing as only he knows how.


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