Well, he does move like Jagger...

A buddy of mine showed me this hilarious clip from the film, Running Out of Luck, yesterday as we were sitting at brunch. It's basically a clip of Mick Jagger walking into a hardware shop in Brazil, where nobody recognises him, and then tries to get the owners to let him use their phone.

You can kind of guess how that goes:

Can I just point out that the woman in that clip is very distracting. Not her face, obviously, but I found myself constantly looking... well, lower down.

Anyway, one has to admit that if you know anything about Mick Jagger, that was probably a pretty accurate depiction of how the man moves.

Which of course leads us logically to one of the more amusing parodies of that silly Maroon 5 song about him:


  1. Good one, that maroon 5 spoof - and the Leia stand in was nicely distracting. Better than the "Tonight I'm Frakking You" one I'd seen in the past

    I love parody, done well. Weird Al is a musical fucking genius. He not only can play in almost any genre, but write original music in a band's style that, as Devo put it, "sounds more like us than we do."

    Dare to be Stupid, "Germs", and others are brilliant. And while I hate Miley Cyrus, his spoof "Party in the CIA" is worth a few laughs.

    Under geeky parodies, many don't work, but one that I actually find more entertaining than the orignal is the "Like a G6" spoof "Roll a D6"


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