"The time for half-measures and talk is over"

Once again, the ever-so-caring and open-minded Left shows us their true colours when confronted with the prospect of a flamboyant gay conservative speaking his mind at UC Berkeley:
Protesters tore down barricades, let off fireworks and set the campus ablaze during the furious protests over the conservative Breitbart editor. 
Hundreds rallied against Yiannopoulos in a demonstration which turned violent and destructive, with protesters vandalizing dozens of businesses and smashing storefront windows. University police locked down all buildings and responded with tear gas and rubber bullets, according to witness reports. 
Yiannopoulos himself later posted a video complaining that UC Berkley was 'no friend to free speech any more.' 
The journalist said he had been planning to speak about cultural appropriation but claims his speech was over taken by the 'hard left.' 
'It turns out the progressive left... which has become so antithetical to free speech has taken a turn post Trump's election. Where they simply will not allow any speaker on campus even someone as silly and harmless and gay as me, to have their voice heard. 
'They are absolutely petrified by alternative visions of how the world could look.' 
He added that it was both 'ironic and sad' that the campus was the home of the free speech movement, but it was 'no friend to freer speech any more.'
'I am of course not the racist or sexist or anything else that the posters that they put up claim that I am.' 
University police confirmed that the campus was on lockdown as they reported they were bringing in extra resources to tackle the 'violent demonstration.' 
'Milo event cancelled. Shelter in place if on campus. All campus buildings on lockdown. #miloatcal,' they tweeted.
Ho hum, another week, another bunch of unwashed smelly hiptser douchebags expressing their feelings of tolerance and brotherly love by smashing windows and burning shit.

That is not what interests me about this story.

No, what interests me is the feeling- and nothing more than that, I will readily admit- that this country's patience with the violent, anarchic, regressive Left has reached its end.

The God-Emperor's response to this latest display of dyscivic violence has been both blunt and, surprisingly, rather restrained:
President Donald Trump reacted to the massive rioting at UC-Berkeley in response to a scheduled campus speech by Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos. 
If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view – NO FEDERAL FUNDS?” Trump wrote on Twitter early Thursday morning.
Well, that's not a bad start, Mr. President. But it's not nearly far enough.

The problem with these mongrels is that they have been allowed to get away with rioting, without suffering much by way of consequences, for years. One might insult them by calling them "juvenile delinquents", but that, as Lt. Col. Jean Dubois pointed out so perfectly in Starship Troopers, this is a contradiction in terms.

Delinquency, after all, implies dereliction of duty. However, duty is an adult virtue, therefore it cannot be understood or upheld by a juvenile.

These rioters are not adults. They are spoiled, addled, stupid children masquerading as adults.

The way to deal with such spoiled brats, who insist on throwing their toys out of the pram and slapping their betters silly and breaking things, is not to give them a stern talking-to or a time-out. It is to slap them, hard.

Lest you argue that I am advocating corporal punishment while never having suffered it myself, I can assure you that you are mistaken. As a child I was disciplined, often quite harshly, by my mother with at least one good tight slap if I misbehaved (and usually quite a few more than just the one).

This carried on until I was in my early teens, by which point such discipline became unnecessary because I was more or less ready to assume increasingly adult responsibilities.

I did not like such punishment and harboured tremendous resentment against her for much of my childhood because of it. If I ever have children of my own, I rather hope that my future wife will be restrained enough not to have to use such punishments against them.

Yet I do not deny the effectiveness of such punishments at keeping children in line and under control.

(You might be surprised to learn that my mother and I are very close these days- or maybe you aren't. It's funny how things work themselves out once two adults learn what each other's boundaries are.)

The problem with these idiots rioting and burning things at Berkeley- over a speech, for God's sake!- is that they very likely have never known true punishment for their stupidity.

I'm saying that it is well past time that this was changed.

Let's see how keen these fools are to riot when Army units trained in riot control, armed with batons, tear gas, stun grenades, and rubber bullets, start wading into their midst and applying liberal amounts of discipline to offset their dyscivic rages.

Now let's be clear about something. If leftists want to gather en masse, smelling like unwashed dogs with flies buzzing around their heads and armpits and buttocks and all, and protest peacefully, let them do that. They're idiots protesting a lost cause and they plainly don't have anything better to do, unlike the rest of us who have actual jobs and families to look after, but, after all, you can't cure stupidity.

No matter how passionate and spittle-flecked they become, no matter how much they might foam at the mouth, let them protest. (Though I certainly wouldn't hold it against any shitlords policemen who decide that such folk are clearly suffering from rabies and need to be quarantined, forcefully. You work with the information you have at hand, after all.)

But the moment that even one of them decides to riot, all of them need to learn a swift and extremely painful lesson about actions and consequences.

One thing we know about the regressive Left is that, the moment that they meet actual, forceful resistance, their courage abandons them and they begin to flee. The Left of today is not the Left of the Sixties, which actually had at least something going for it. (No, I'm not talking about all the naked chicks at Woodstock- though that didn't exactly hurt their cause.)

Sadly, the Governor of California is not likely to have the stones to do what is necessary; he's called "Governor Moonbeam" for a reason. But that does not mean that such tolerance of insanity needs to extend throughout the rest of the country.

It is well past time that the rest of us start getting "immoderate" with these immoderates. Such assclowns need to learn a few very hard lessons about what happens when they screw with peaceful, law-abiding people one time too many. And those lessons need to come from the business end of a truncheon.

If that doesn't calm things down- and I would be very surprised if a few slaps upside the head with a big stick don't work- then that is why God, in His infinite wisdom, gave us the bayonet.

And if that doesn't work, well, He thought of that too. Which is why we also have the M-16 and the FN SCAR.

I do not advocate for this lightly. I have personally seen what happens when a nation tears itself apart in an orgy of looting, violence, rape, and burning. Those memories are seared into my brain to this day. I will never forget that cold dread in the pit of my stomach that I felt when I saw huge plumes of smoke rising up above the city that I had called my home for 7 years as the riots that eventually deposed President Suharto consumed the city of Jakarta in 1998.

I do not wish such a fate on any country, least of all one that I love as much as I do America.

But if this is what things have come to, then let it be done.

I wish we hadn't gotten to this point, but we have. My patience with the Left is at its end. And my guess is that this sentiment is shared by far larger segments of the American population than any of us really know. I would also venture to guess that those segments of the American population are also the most heavily armed.

As for each of you, brothers, heed my words now: if you have not yet learned how to defend yourselves, start TODAY.

No more excuses. After all, as the ancient wisdom goes, "you may not believe in war, but war believes in you".

And whether you like it or not, war is coming. Indeed, it is already here- we just haven't seen it get physical yet, for the most part.

So be ready for it when the time comes.

Take a basic pistol course under an NRA-qualified instructor. I have done this (years ago- I need to start up with this again, actually), and I have nothing but praise for the NRA and its people. They are utterly professional, decent, upstanding folk who love this country and seek nothing more than to uphold their God-given rights and discharge their responsibilities under the same.

Learn a real martial art, applicable in a street environment and geared toward taking on and fighting multiple attackers. If you have questions about a specific art or school, drop me a line and ask me. I don't claim to be any kind of expert on the subject, but I can probably point you to people who are experts and can give you good advice.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Our kind are still considered "fringe" throughout most of the Left and East Coasts and large parts of the border states. We are not even slightly welcome in the big cities. Be under no illusions that, if you announce your political sympathies for the God-Emperor and the righteous path, you will be attacked- certainly verbally, probably physically.

When you find yourself in a bad situation, do not give in to fear or paralysis. ACT, immediately. Your first and only priority is to save yourself and those important to you from danger- worry about the consequences afterwards.

Start nothing. End everything. If attacked by one or more of these flea-bitten mongrels, do not hesitate to use the maximum force available to you if it is warranted.

The dyscivic Left rages in UC Berkeley today. Tomorrow it will be another target. The only way they are going to stop is if they are confronted with frightful violence themselves.

I don't know about you, but I find myself thinking that the sooner that happens, the better- for all of us.


  1. The solution is ultra-simple: pressing criminal charges.

    Arson. Vandalism.

    I heard that someone was beaten unconscious. If so: aggravated/criminal assault.

    The laws are there. They simply need to be enforced 100%.

  2. Another thought: go after those who organized the protest.

    Charge them for criminal negligence, perhaps some form of incitement to riot? Organized violence? There must be something in the USA criminal code that can get them as well.

    Make an example. When it becomes extremely painful - when these types can't do stuff and get away with it - when their lives are ruined by paying for all the damage that the violent mobs cause - they just might think twice about doing it.

    If nothing else, it means the govt doesn't have to pay to repair the stuff they and their rent-a-mob destroys.

  3. Anyone able to keep tabs on the 230 leftist rioters from the God Emperors inauguration?

    I had heard arraignments were supposed to start a month ago, but it all seems to have gone relatively quiet.


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