The distant mirror of heresy

The modern attack will not tolerate us. It will attempt to destroy us. Nor can we tolerate it. We must attempt to destroy it as being the fully equipped and ardent enemy of the Truth by which men live. The duel is to the death.

-- Hilaire Belloc, The Great Heresies
Reading through historian Hilaire Belloc's superbly written account of the five great heresies that have riven and nearly destroyed Christian civilisation over its two-thousand year history, one is much struck by the fact that many of the ideas and arguments advanced by the great heresiarchs of the past are almost identical to the ones put forth by the degenerates of the modern age.

In this book, which I started last year and then (rather stupidly) more or less forgot about for months, the great historian laid out five great schisms that have shaken the Catholic Church and all that it stands for. He starts with the Arian Heresy, which was (supposedly) resolved by the Council of Nicaea and the resulting Nicene Creed but festered on for several decades afterwards; continues with the great and devastating heresy that is Islam; carries on into the Albigensian Heresy which very nearly tore apart European Christian civilisation in civil war; delves into the Reformation at some length; and finally, writing in the late 1930s, looks at the attacks brought forth by scientific atheism and modernism upon the Faith.

Belloc himself was an an ardent traditional Catholic, and was in his lifetime one of the foremost defenders of the Faith; this point of view clearly colours the entire book, but in my opinion it is the better for this. In the hands of a lesser writer, such impositions of one's own point of view would be jarring and irritating, but Belloc's deft touch and superb eye for history make it possible for him to mount arguments using his faith in a way that persuades the reader by showing, not telling.

This, however, is not a book review- even though I highly recommend the book. I want to look in particular at the Albigensian Heresy and its roots, because the results of that heresy, and the extremely bloody way in which it ended, offer us a clear glimpse into the future that awaits us.

The Albigensian heresy started out as a complete rejection of a number of core teachings of the Catholic Church. Specifically, it rejected the doctrinal teaching of the universality and omnipotent goodness of God the Creator, taking the rather Manichaean view that there was a "good" God and an "evil" God. The Albigensians did this because they found the Catholic teachings concerning the fundamental problem of the existence of evil to be insufficient, claiming that Man's priceless gift of free will was just too simple an explanation.

The Albigensians didn't just abandon the core teachings of the Church on the subject of the nature of God- which would have been bad enough. They abandoned all appreciation of mortal beauty, arguing that alcohol, sex, physical pleasure, music, art- anything that is to do with the mortal realm and not the spiritual- is evil.

They refused to acknowledge the province of Earthly law; since civilian authority was derived from the corporeal world, according to their doctrine it held no sway or authority over them. They took to true extremes the teaching that one should "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and render unto God what is God's".

As Belloc explains, 
Hence derive the main lines which were completed in detail as the Albigensian movement spread. Our bodies are material, they decay and die. Therefore it was the evil god that made the human body, while the good god made the soul. Hence also our Lord was only apparently clothed with a human body. He only apparently suffered. Hence the denial of the Resurrection.
Among the most controversial of the Cathar teachings, though, were the proto-feminist ideals of their heresy. The Cathars, at least initially, allowed and even encouraged women to become prefects and own property, evangelise, and proselytise in favour of their heresy.

The Cathars were hardcore vegetarians, arguing that killing animals was immoral. They were also dead-set against marriage; because they viewed mortal human flesh as evil, they believed that reproducing, and therefore perpetuating evil, was a great sin.

Rather unsurprisingly, to traditionalist and mainstream eyes, these folks were, quite simply, nutters.

Which brings us rather neatly to the realities of our modern age and our present afflictions.

It should be clear by this point why I brought up the Cathar Heresy and its eventual extermination. Almost all of their heretical beliefs are today mirrored in modern Western society- but in our case, these heresies have long since become acceptable mainstream ideas.

Vegetarianism and veganism, once jovially tolerated as merely the quaint and childish follies of men and women who simply do not want to consume animal protein, is now fashionable. In some circles, proclaiming that you are in fact a carnivore is a very good way to get yourself excommunicated permanently. (This is not a particularly Bad Thing in most cases. Be honest: if you're at a dinner party, would you prefer to be snacking on beef steak tartare, or tofurkey sausages?)

Materialism and hedonism, which eventually the Cathars began to commit in excess, are the order of the day- sanctified and encouraged by a ruling elite that denies the existence of an absolute Truth, and therefore delegitimises the power of God over His Creation.

Marriage is increasingly regarded as an unnecessary anachronism by women, and (correctly) as an incredibly high-risk, low-reward gamble with devastating consequences in the highly likely event of failure by men. This, despite the clearly established historical fact that monogamous marriage is the only proven way to provide any kind of lifelong guarantee of sexual access for men while giving women the financial security and emotional stability that they need.

Marriage is, quite simply, the only way humanity has yet devised to achieve any kind of functioning compromise between competing and often conflicting interests. Men satisfy our sexual needs and genetic drive to procreate through marriage. Women satisfy their need for protection and stability.

And, most importantly civilisation is kept alive, for two reasons.

Firstly, one of the most dangerous threats to any civilisation is a large population of young, sexless men, whose frustrations are expressed through lawlessness and rage against a society that denies them the ability to satisfy their most basic desire, one that is literally hard-coded into their genetics.

And secondly, there is the hard fact that civilisation endures if and only if there are successive generations to inherit it.

The modern heresies that have now become mainstream are nothing more than a mirror image of heresies of the past. It is simply a case of the old becoming the new once more.

That, however, is not a source of comfort for anyone who knows anything about how heresies tend to resolve themselves.

As we gaze through the dark distant mirror of the 13th Century, in which the Cathar Heresy flourished and failed, we will come across a particularly bloody and brutal episode called the Albigensian Crusade. This was a 20-year military campaign, called together by Pope Innocent III, designed specifically to exterminate the Cathars- so great had their heresy become, so terrible a threat did they pose to established order, and indeed to civilisation itself.

Between the 11th and 13th Centuries the Cathars had converted many thousands to their cause, away from the Faith and toward a rejection of everything that the Faith stood for. Conflict was inevitable; the surprise is not that it erupted, but that it took nearly two hundred years for the Catholic Church to bestir itself into ridding European civilisation of what had become a truly grave threat.

The lesson for our modern age is absolutely clear: any prolonged attempt to defy the laws of Nature, and of Nature's God, inevitably ends in bloodshed and disaster.

The heretical pseudo-religions of our modern age, whether they be "man-made climate change", forced veganism and vegetarianism, feminism, equalitarianism, globalism, or scientific authoritarianism, are direct violations of logic and stand against the entire weight of historical evidence that we have proving that such passing fads are dangerous and foolish in the extreme.

For those who are religiously inclined, or at least have some sense of what God intended for His Creation, these things go beyond merely silly ideas with no basis in evidence or logic. They go far beyond simple heresy. They are, in fact, abominations.

The Cathar Heresy ended with the massacre of thousands of followers of their pseudo-religion and the burning alive of over 200 Cathar prefects. It resulted in the establishment of the Inquisition, a deeply maligned and thoroughly misunderstood organisation that nonetheless has gone down in history as one of the most infamous and feared defenders of the Faith ever seen.

The outcome for our modern age is going to be even worse, even more bloody, and far more brutal. The Time of Testing that is to come will make the Cathar Heresy look like a pleasant diversion by comparison- because our modern heresies are far greater, far more dangerous to both body and soul, and far less sustainable than even the follies of the Albigensians.

We would do well to pay heed to the lessons of our past. Only by recognising just how far we have deviated from the paths of sense and reason do we have any hope of recovering at least some dignity from the tattered remains of Western civilisation.


  1. The 'modern' catholic church is desperately afraid that they will elect a Pope who is willing to state that these things are, in fact, heresies. BILLIONS of people are simply awaiting permission to start addressing these problems in a more direct fashion.

    I think that is why Benny 16 renounced... he was probably forced to do so by the bishops who were terrified at his willingness to look past their bullshit.
    Franky, of course, is a totally controlled tool that endorses heresy at every opportunity. While he may not be the 'false prophet' of revelations (revelations have been 'current' far too many times to take them seriously), he is absolutely the enemy of both the catholic and christian faith, and thus the culture that has sprung from those faiths.

    1. I don't claim to be any kind of theologian, so I'm not inclined to comment on whether specific Popes adhere closely to "orthodoxy" or not. But it is quite clear to me that Pope Francis, at least, is not a particularly good Defender of the Faith. His intellectual arguments are weak and his moral positions on a range of issues appear to be steeped in the gospel of Social Justice, not the Gospels themselves.

      Again, I could be off base; my knowledge of Christian orthodoxy is pretty poor. But I get the distinct impression that the current Pope is the weakest that the Church has had for a long time. And if history is any guide, weak Popes are disastrous for the Faith.


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