That's going to leave some scars

Did you grow up with those old 80s cartoons on Saturday mornings? He-Man, Transformers, Thundercats, and so on? I did. I have very fond memories of them- to the point that, when Netflix FINALLY brought back the old He-Man cartoons for everyone to see, I immediately started binge-watching those cheesy ridiculous old episodes right alongside TOP GEAR.

However, as one grows older, one's head tends to fill with strange and diabolical thoughts. One of those thoughts inevitably ends up being:

"What would have happened to those crazy old cartoons if they aged like normal people?"

Thanks to some dysfunctional lunatics with considerable amounts of free time and at least some talent, we now have at least one set of possible answers:


  1. Speedy Gonzales, The Smurfs, and Yogi Bear were the best ones IMO.

    1. I always loved the Speedy and Smurfs shorts. The Superman one is also very funny. The Wonder Woman short is darkly amusing in its own way, and actually kind of makes sense if you think about the origins of that character.


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