So here's a crazy thought...

Not to blow my own trumpet or anything, but it strikes me as something of an achievement that I've been able to write and post consistently for going on five years now. Most blogs don't last even six months, never mind four years (and counting). Fewer still, at least those maintained by single individuals, can claim to post with consistent regularity.

And if you were to go through my blog's archives, you will find quite a lot of good material and associated wisdom compiled over the years.

Not everything I write is of particularly high quality, obviously. Some of my work has been pretty poor due to muddled thinking, inexperience with writing, stylistic issues, and so on and so forth. But I think you would be hard-pressed to argue that there has been no evolution whatsoever in terms of output, quality, consistency, and literary style over the years. Indeed, I think that any fair-minded observer who went back and read what I wrote in 2012 2013 (ye cats, I'm getting old- my memory's going already!), when this blog came into existence, would be pleasantly surprised at how the style, fluency, content of my writing has improved.

Of course, my blog does not fall into easy categorisation. It isn't really a Manosphere blog, even though there is a core focus on masculinity and men's self-improvement.

It isn't really a politics blog, even though I spend quite a lot of time writing on the subject.

It isn't really a video game blog- even though its very title was inspired by my beloved HALO franchise, and my online persona, though an accurate and relatively unfiltered reflection of who I actually am, is also partly inspired by the personality of the IsoDidact.

It isn't really a philosophy blog either, despite the vast amount of writing that I have done on fairly esoteric philosophical and religious subjects.

It isn't really an alt-Right blog, an economics blog, or a single-issue nerdistry blog- and it sure as hell isn't a PUA blog.

It is all of these things, except the PUA stuff. It is none of these things.

In that respect it's pretty unusual among most Manosphere/alt-Right blogs, in that I don't concentrate on one cause du jour and harp endlessly about.

One could argue that this makes my output unfocused and scattershot. That is a fair criticism. And yet, people keep coming back to read what I write- because, similar to other (far superior) bloggers like Vox Day, I maintain a diverse range of interests and then try to reason my way through them into a coherent set of views and arguments.

Which brings me to an idea that I've been chewing over for a few weeks.

As a reader and friend pointed out before, it might be useful to actually put some of this writing, in some edited form, into an e-book of some kind, and put it out there for wider distribution.

Now obviously my output is not comparable to that of, say, Vox Day or Quintus Curtius. But there is clearly a point of view articulated here that my readers find valuable and useful, and it might not be a bad thing to put together some of that experience and wisdom in distilled, focused form and distribute it out to whoever is interested.

I do not pretend that such a venture would be a runaway success, but if the output was of sufficient quality, clarity, and wisdom, it might just help convert a few more Millennials over to the Truth. And that, in and of itself, is a worthy enough goal.

So- what do you think? Is this a useful venture? Or am I just barking mad? Stick your ideas in the comments below.


  1. First of all, congratulations my friend. I've yet to go one year. In the time I've known you and your blog it has consistently entertained, informed, and not been forgotten - even if some of the posts, as you allude, may have been.

    Yours, like mine, is not a easily pigeonholed blog - but then neither is Vox's. For that matter, for something that is ostensibly a "philosophy" show, Stefan Molyneux covers a very broad range of topics. And Razorfist isn't exactly a single-niche youtuber either.

    I think you, like me, are in a search for truth, and beauty, and presenting it as well as we are able. Truth and beauty are not restricted to just one topic or facet of life.

    Insofar as a book. Hell, if Jeffro can do it, and Vox can do it, why not? You have enough material to cull through that you can find something that hangs them together, even if they cover broad ground, and tie them all together around a set of observations.

    1. Thanks very much my friend, your kind words of appreciation mean a great deal.

      It is true that there is a hell of a lot of material here. It's a matter of choosing, structuring, and presenting it all in such a way that adds value, instead of being just a silly commercial exercise. I anticipate that this will take quite a while, but I suspect it will be worth the trouble.

  2. Eduardo the Magnificent19 February 2017 at 18:59

    I always thought your blog title was an homage to the autodidact, either because you thought of yourself as one, or because you use the didactic method. Learn something new everyday.

    As to the book, as Yoda would say: "Book or book not, there is no try."

    1. +10 internetz to you, sir.

      Thanks, I'm giving it some serious thought but it'll be a while before anything concrete actually emerges from it.


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