Powersliding in Anne Hathaway's cottage

One of the absolute best things about being an Amazon Prime subscriber has GOT to be the fact that TOP GEAR series 2-17 are all available, FOR FREE, as part of one's subscription.

Which allows petrol addicts like me to binge-watch the great heresies of the Lord's very own Prophets of Oversteer- and allows me, in particular, to relive the glory days of the show back before the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation's nanny-statist ninnies got a hold of it and forced out the mad geniuses who made it such a monumental success.

One of my favourite episodes has always been the one in which Jezza took an old Mercedes S-class and decided to... umm... quaint his ride. The results were predictably hilarious, and involved numerous (completely justified) shots at the French nation, which as we all know is of course a land of pretentious cheese-eating Communists who all smell of garlic and cigarettes and wouldn't know a good glass of wine if they were hit in the face with one.

But as funny as all of those lovely insults against the Frogs are, they pale in comparison to the sheer genius involved at putting a dining room on wheels and then sending it around a track for a power lap- in the wet.

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to drive a cottage, and you didn't have the money or the desire to buy and drive, say, a Cadillac Marmalade Escalade, then wonder no longer, because that is exactly what it is like. And it's RUBBISH.

It's really a rather good thing that we have the blokes from THE GRAND TOUR around to explain these things to us, eh?


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