Lilith's mask slips

It would appear that an odd moment or two of honesty does actually prevail from time to time, even when one is deep within Satan's bowels:

Welcome, my friends, to the way a progressive actually thinks.

They truly do believe, deep down, that they are smarter than you. That they know more than you do about how to run your own life. That they, and not you, should decide what to think and when to think it.

Ms. Brzezinski's sentiment would be terrifying enough on its own. But then you watch the rest of the clip and you realise something even more scary.

Look at the very interesting reaction- or lack thereof- from everyone in that studio. Not one person there, including the supposedly "conservative" (actual: cuckservative) Joe Scarborough, raised an objection to what former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski's daughter just said.

Nobody in there thought that what she said was completely batshit insane. Nobody objected to her assertion that thought control is right and just, as long as the mainstream media does it.

Given just how epic the failure of MSNBC's talking head population was to predict the repeated "surprises" of 2016- which surprised them, but not us- one would be forgiven for laughing hysterically at what she said, if she had made that comment as an actress appearing in a bad comedy sketch.

That little faux pas of hers is instructive because she has now shown us the true face of our enemy- not that we didn't know it before, but rarely if ever has the Great Enemy been so candid with us about its motivations and its tactics.

And now, thanks again to Ms. Brzezinski, we know exactly how to defeat our enemy too.

The only reason why someone like her would make a comment like that is because she knows, and can see, that her kind is losing the war for our hearts and minds. She can see that the God-Emperor's strategy of taking his message directly to the people is working- and it terrifies her.

The people increasingly loathe and reject everything that the mainstream media stands for. They see how badly the media constantly lies to them, distorts the truth, misrepresents simple facts, selectively edits evidence, and- when all else fails- simply makes shit up.

That is why the American people now trust Donald Trump over the legacy media. Depending on which demographic you look at, the ratio of trust in the God-Emperor over trust in the Worshippers of Chaos is on the order of 2:1.

Looking at the evidence, and judging by the reactions of people like one Ms. Brzezinski, one cannot help but feel that it is a good thing indeed that the entire media establishment is against Donald Trump- it wouldn't be a fair fight otherwise.

Best of all, though, is the fact that, as I stated above, you and I can see perfectly well how to destroy these people. Note- not "defeat", DESTROY.

These networks lie to us. They force cultural Marxism down our throats via the idiot boxes in our living rooms and studies and bedrooms. They treat us like retarded children, pretending that they know what is best for us. They exploit our goodwill and our desire to be told great stories by twisting the founding ideals and myths of the American Republic into social justice experiments that force us to pretend that logic and biology are figments of our imagination.

Their crimes are many and great. For that, they must be extirpated from existence.

Start today by cutting off your cable subscription. Refuse to give them your advertising dollars. Switch to content that you control. Watch what interests you. Move away from the mainstream media's TV shows- for those of you who are of a literary bent, spend your evenings reading and writing instead of sitting in front of the boob tube getting dumber and fatter.

(The sole exceptions to this would be watching episodes of TOP GEAR, before Series 23, and THE GRAND TOUR, since these shows were and are made by men, for men, about manly things. And it turns out that you don't need a cable subscription to enjoy these things either- not anymore.)

These people hold us in utter contempt. It is well past time that we do the same for them.


  1. The mask really has slipped

  2. If Trump stopped everything he's now doing and just spent the next 4 years doing everything in his power to destroy conventional media it would be well worth it.
    It's that important.
    Without the media the left is nothing. Then the sheeple can be thoroughly deprogrammed.

    1. The God-Emperor would be doing the world a great favour if he could destroy the legacy media. Indeed, he appears to be doing a rather good job of triggering the hell out of the Clinton News Network and others so far.

      He evidently understands what most "conservatives" don't: the media is the ENEMY, and must be treated as such.


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