It CAN'T be over yet!

Boys, I have some truly sad news: THE GRAND TOUR, that manliest of manly men's shows, is coming to an end...

Say it isn't so!!!

Well, to put it slightly more accurately, the current season of THE GREATEST TV SHOW OF ALL TIME is coming to an end. But it's not really much of a consolation, if you think about it.

This makes things all the worse for me, because ever since my trip back to the old country late in December, I have been sorely lacking in discipline when it comes to keeping up with this show. I'm, like, 5 episodes behind- and the gap keeps getting wider because, of course, Amazon Prime now has ALL of the first 20 seasons of TOP GEAR loaded and free to watch.

I think at the moment I'm about halfway through the episode that starts out in Stuttgart, which was right after the 2-episode Namibia special. Now that was something else- nobody does those travel-documentaries-slash-reality-drama-shows better than these blokes.

The rest of the series, I am sure, is equally brilliant- and the first person to provide spoilers in the comments gets smacked upside the head with the business end of my chainsword. THE GRAND TOUR has shown the world that the magic of TOP GEAR did not depend on the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation, but upon the chemistry and personalities of three fat grey aging blokes who like nothing better than to fall over and set each other on fire.

(Or, in one especially gut-busting moment, suspend their compatriot's dune buggy from the skyhook of a helicopter and transport him through the air while he sleeps off the effects of getting shot- BY HIS MATES- with a tranquiliser dart. I think I damn near ruptured my spleen during that part, I was laughing so hard.)

This show is proof that, if you're really good at what you do, somehow, somewhere, you will always have an audience and a client base for your services. And these guys truly are the best.

I cannot wait for the next season.


  1. "I think I damn near ruptured my spleen during that part, I was laughing so hard."

    I literally rewound that part three times just so I could savor Hammond's panic and rage.

    1. Out of all of the moments of epic douchebaggery from the last 14 years of watching those three berks playing hilarious pranks on each other, that one was THE best.


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